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Acton Culture

Acton Culture 

Acton ADU has three, core principles that form our culture, our Values, Vision, and dedication to Individual Growth.

We are all about your values.

Acton ADU is a value-based company. The decisions we make and the behaviors that propel us are grounded in core values that we all share. These core values guide how we perform our work and interact with people.  Combined they form The Acton Way.

The Acton Way

  • Accountable - Own the impact of your actions.
  • Respect - Show respect and earn respect.
  • Results - Our efforts have measurable impact.
  • Integrity - Do the right thing - always.
  • United - We share a mission and succeed together.
  • Candor - Provide honest, caring feedback.
  • Mastery -  We are dedicated to being our best selves.
  • Resolve - An unyielding determination to succeed.

We share a clear Vision and Mission.

Our team is inspired by our mission and vision. We share a common mission to empower California homeowners to build personalized ADUs for their families, long-term financial rewards, and to ultimately impact the communities we love in a positive way.

Vision Statement:
Building a building company that helps people thrive.

The state of California is in the midst of a housing shortage that affects thousands, if not millions of Californians every day.

At Acton ADU, we’re active proponents of housing strategies from affordable housing projects to the advancements of accessory dwelling unit regulations that make it easier for homeowners to build ADUs.

As designers, navigators, and builders of ADUs, we have dedicated ourselves to utilizing our 30 years of residential design and construction experience to pursue ADUs as a means for homeowners to create value for their families and properties throughout the Silicon Valley.  

Mission Statement:
Always refine and fully manifest our culture.

At Acton ADU, we are not just designers and navigators, we’re builders--but of more than just homes. We build inspiration and tackle the inevitable challenges of every project with dedication, professionalism, and expertise--so that every ADU we build accomplishes a specific goal, and is customized with charm to provide value for every homeowner that partners with us. How do we do this? We do it together.

We promote individual growth.

We all value, encourage, and promote individual growth. And we always support our team, should their actions be in alignment with our values and mission.

Acton ADU  emphasizes promoting from within. Why? Simple. We believe in growth and invest in each other to reach our greatest potential as a team and as people--both professionally and personally.

We place a lot of energy into developing our each other with clear, directive professional advancement opportunities that include technical training and leadership coaching. Why? Because we all want to succeed, together. Teamwork is not a buzzword for us. Teamwork is a key component to grow, learn from each other, and ultimately fulfill our collective vision and mission.

We place a lot of importance on feedback. We listen. Good ideas and decisions can come from everywhere. We strive to have an open door policy where all voices are heard because we encourage not just day to day problem solving, but also innovation.

We build our culture together.

Teams are important at Acton. We work as a team, we tackle challenges as a team, and we thrive as a team. And ultimately, we are responsible for developing our team.

At Acton, every team member plays a critical role in helping to build and strengthen our culture, as it defined by the values in the Acton Way.

How do we do it?

We invest in each other. We encourage each other. We embark on adventures, activities, and team building experiences that help shine a light on the core elements that influence the way we live and work.

Why our team climbs trees.