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Emeryville, California ADU Regulations

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Residential zones, MUR/MURS zones

Number of ADUs allowed:

On lot with one unit - one ADU and one Junior ADU in existing building and one detached ADU; on lot with more than one unit - at least one or 25% of existing units in existing space and two detached ADUs

Types of ADUs allowed:

Attached, detached and junior ADUs are all permitted.

Lot size:


ADU size:

ADUs may not have greater floor area than the primary dwelling with which it is associated.

No planning regulations apply to an ADU that is 800 sq.ft., 16' tall, with 4' rear and side setbacks

Lot coverage:


ADUs may not have more bedrooms than the primary dwelling with which it is associated.


ADUs require complete independent cooking facilities. Junior ADUs require efficiency kitchen with appliances, counter, and cabinets.

ADUs require complete independent sanitation facilities. Junior can share bathroom with primary.


No additional parking is required for an ADU or replacements. Parking may be in tandem or setbacks.


Rear and side 4’. No setback for conversions.


ADUs must step down at an angle from a maximum height of 30' at 15' from the rear lot line to a maximum height of 16' at 4' from the rear lot line.

Design review:

None required.

Note: Historic Neighborhoods or Districts should be assessed on a project by project basis.


Short-term rentals are prohibited.

Owner Occupancy:

Not required for ADU. Required for Junior ADU.

Utility connections:

ARUs shall comply with the provisions of Chapter 8 of Title 7 concerning sewer laterals, including potential required replacement or upgrading of the sewer lateral.

Note: Drainage and sewer connections should be assessed on a project by project basis.

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