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Part 1: Motivations

The Swift family moved to the United States from England. Having two grown sons, they were looking to help provide a home, where both sons could live and work in the area. Sharing the main house, Daniel and Michael were looking to create some privacy for themselves and ultimately decided an ADU would be a great way for them to have their own independent, private, and comfortable spaces for them and their significant others.

Part 2: Project Evaluation

Every project has opportunities and challenges. For the Swifts, their home was situated on a very narrow lot with hardscape in the backyard that would need to be removed to provide plumbing to the ADU. Additionally, access to the backyard was tight and setbacks, which meant that there were only so many configurations for an ADU available to them.

Part 3: Design

The Swift ADU design came from the Acton ADU design library, specifically it was a pre-approved ADU available to residents in San Jose. This means that the floor plan, architecture, and engineering were all approved with a special process to assure we’d be able to acquire the permit almost immediately.

However, days before the permit was submitted, COVID-19 had a major impact on city operations and created permitting delays, even for pre-approved plans. That said, once the city opened back up and the systems came online once more, the ADU permitting proceeded.

During the delay, the Swifts worked with us to make their interior design selections, utilizing our library of pre-curated packages to personalize their ADU.

Part 4: Build

First and foremost, the Swifts have a dog that needs access to the backyard. Every project begins with a Pre-Construction Conference to identify things like this, so on day 1, we built a special pen for the dog so they’d have safe access to the yard during the build.

Then we began demolition and removed the brick hardscape from the site to establish proper trenching for plumbing. Additionally, there was an existing outbuilding structure that was removed. With sufficient access established, we mobilized an excavator to lay the foundation and begin the rough trades and framing.

Part 5: Home Sweet Home

Today the home is occupied by Michael Swift, who has been really enjoying the privacy and private office space. In fact, privacy for both brothers has created a substantial lifestyle improvement, not to mention adding significant value to the property. Now, each has their own space, as well as a shared space for future family gatherings.

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