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Buy and Build Program

Finance both your new home purchase and ADU build.

What is the Buy and Build Program?

Purchase your new home with the certainty that an ADU can be built on the property. The Acton ADU Buy and Build Program helps soon-to-be homeowners evaluate properties as well as finance their ADU build to coincide with the purchase of their new home.

Is the Buy and Build Program right for me?

Great question. Home buyers contact us every day, looking to determine if their potential dream home will be a viable property for adding an ADU. We get so many contacts, that we've established a process for both connecting home buyers with specialized financing for those buying and building ADUs with a single lender. 

    How it works

    1. We conduct up to 10 remote property assessments to identify which of your favorite properties are ideal for an ADU.
    2. We conduct up to 3 in-person site evaluations to validate the feasibility of your ADU project, and establish a realistic ADU budget.
    3. Once your offer is in escrow, we provide an ADU design concept to help secure the financing for your ADU build.
    4. Once escrow has closed, we sign the build agreement and process the building permit.
    5. If you choose to fund the build of the ADU and the home with the same mortgage, the ADU build is paid for out of a separate escrow account where the funds are secure.
    6. We can help provide lending partners that will finance a new home purchase and ADU build simultaneously.

    Every family we work with has a story.

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