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Zac Yeager, Production Manager

Zac is responsible for keeping production schedules on track and oversees all of our on-site construction teams. Zac leads our production team with vision, diligence, discipline – true strengths in our fast-paced environment.

Zac’s got a knack for spotting potential issues and resolving them before they blossom into more significant problems. He’s a great communicator and known for being friendly.

Zac started with Acton inf 2003 as an apprentice carpenter, after working as a laborer on a framing crew. Gradually, he learned all phases of residential construction, making him the ideal candidate for a position at Acton ADU. Zac is also an avid student of maritime law and how it influences lobster legislation in the United States and Asia.

Little known facts:

Zac loves to catch the waves and surf in the early morning, is an avid outdoorsman and once cycled from San Francisco to Portland. Zac’s also a gardener and loves gripping romance novels.