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Who is Acton ADU?

Acton ADU is a Northern California building company founded by Stan Acton. The company specializes in designing, navigating, and building personalized Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) for homeowners that want to benefit from a long-term family housing and investment plan.

Acton ADU is based out of Campbell, CA and serves 20 cities and jurisdictions in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Silicon Valley for over 30 years.

Why homeowners partner with us:

  1. We specialize in ADUs.
  2. We are veteran builders with a 30 year history of building and remodeling homes.
  3. We personalize your ADU; they are traditional builds and not partially assembled in a factory.
  4. We have a library of options, including ADU designs pre-approved by the City of San Jose.
  5. We design our backyard homes with multigenerational living in mind.
  6. We manage projects end-to-end from evaluation to warranty.
  7. Our company culture is founded in accountability and process.

We share a clear Vision and Mission.

Our team is inspired by our mission and vision. We share a common mission to empower California homeowners to build personalized ADUs for their families, long-term financial rewards, and to ultimately impact the communities we love in a positive way.

Vision Statement:

Thousands of inspiring backyard homes shared within California communities.

The state of California is in the midst of a housing shortage that affects thousands, if not millions of Californians every day.

At Acton ADU, we’re active proponents of housing strategies from affordable housing projects to the advancements of accessory dwelling unit regulations that make it easier for homeowners to build ADUs.

As designers, navigators, and builders of ADUs, we have dedicated ourselves to utilizing our 30 years of residential design and construction experience to pursue ADUs as a means for homeowners to create value for their families and properties throughout the Silicon Valley.  

Mission Statement:

We empower discerning California homeowners to build personalized ADUs

At Acton ADU, we are not just designers and navigators, we’re builders - but of more than just homes. 

We build inspiration and tackle the inevitable challenges of every project with dedication, professionalism, and expertise - so that every ADU we build accomplishes a specific goal, and is customized with charm to provide value for every homeowner that partners with us.

What's it like to work at Acton ADU?