Planning Your ADU Begins with a Vision

The first step to any successful ADU project is a solid plan. Acton ADU specializes in ADU planning and creating ADU plans that align with your vision and local regulations. Our ADU designs are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of homeowners looking to add value and space to their properties.

With Acton ADU, you get more than just additional dwelling unit plans; you get a partnership that ensures your future ADU is planned to perfection.

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ADU Planning Explained

ADU Planning Considerations Before You Get Started

  • Identify Your Why – determine your primary reason for building an ADU & evaluate who will be using the space and their specific needs.
  • Select Appropriate Design – Match the ADU design to the intended occupant’s lifestyle, accounting for mobility and other factors.
  • Assess Your Property – measure your available space to understand what type of ADU can be accommodated in local zoning laws.
  • Ensure Long-Term Utility – Design with adaptability in mind for the ADU to remain functional for years.

Why Hire Acton ADU?

Acton ADUs are personalized, high quality, traditionally built backyard homes. We are specialists that manage every aspect of your project and have been successfully building residential homes for over 30 years. Family connectivity and long term housing plans for property owners are two biggest passions.

We build ADUs because we know full well how positively they impact the lives of homeowners, their families, and the long-term value of their property.


Expert Planning Services to Craft Your Ideal ADU

At Acton ADU, our planning philosophy is rooted in precision, personalization, and advanced technological integration. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling, we bring the vision of your ADU to life before the first nail is hammered.

Our expert planners provide a clear, immersive experience that allows you to visualize your future space, making adjustments and decisions with confidence. Whether optimizing for comfort, accessibility, or aesthetic appeal, our comprehensive planning services are designed to tailor an ADU that resonates with your lifestyle needs and long-term goals.

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ADU Planning FAQ

We answer this question first and uncover the limitations and opportunities of your property and compare them with your city or county requirements. Contact us today!

The motivations behind every project are as unique as every property.

We work with you and your property parameters to determine a probable investment that will: address your needs, be approved by your city, and most importantly, incorporates the total net costs of your project, not just “the box”.

Acton ADU leads and manages every aspect of your project, from a comprehensive project evaluation to our warranty.

We have been successfully building new homes and remodeling aging homes for over 30 years.


Ready to turn your ADU vision into reality? Connect with our team of experts to explore tailored solutions for your unique project needs.