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We design, navigate, and build personalized housing plans for families.

Building an ADU on your property has incredible benefits for homeowners looking to maximize the value of their home, and provides a real, long-term housing solution for multigenerational families. But building an ADU isn’t easy and navigating the changing regulations takes specialization.

Our Methodology

The Acton ADU methodology for delivering maximum value to homeowners who are looking to build an ADU on their property is supported by three tenements:

1/  Design with Care.

We listen first.

Understanding how an ADU will positively influence your life is the first step for us to full understand so we can partner together effectively.

Once we understand, we’re ready to apply to decades of design experience to craft a home that you and your family will truly value.

2/  Navigate with Expertise.

Permitting accessory dwelling units isn’t straight forward.

We specialize in navigating the constantly changing regulatory environment of over 20 jurisdictions.

We assure scope and feasibility for every ADU project, so you can focus on your new home.

3/  Build with Certainty.

We’ve been builders for 30 years.

Process, management, and decades of trained experience are the foundations for how we tackle thousands of variables that go into every residential construction project. 

Our end-to-end approach helps streamline the process and eliminate surprises.