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Our process is designed to reduce risk.

Building a real, comfortable, and independent home in your backyard is a big, important project, and long-term investment for your property. In the ever-changing world of ADUs (accessory dwelling unit) it’s helpful to partner with a specialist that understands your long-term plans, your property, and has the knowledge and expertise to navigate the rules and regulations.

Why hire Acton ADU?

We have been successful residential builders for 30 years and have dedicated our business to specializing in ADUs.

We know when to listen and when to lead. It’s a partnership based on mutual trust. We manage the entire new home process, so you can rest easy and enjoy the long-term benefits of your new ADU.

As the popularity of granny flats and mother-in-law suites rises, so does the demand for transparent and quality design, jurisdiction navigation, and construction.

We approach every new ADU with a process designed to remove the enormous complexity of building a backyard home and guarantee our work for 10 years.

The Acton ADU Approach

Our process is designed to minimize risk. Building an accessory home is a meaningful investment for your property, and like every investment, should be treated with great care.

There is a lot more to designing, navigating, and building an ADU than picking a plan and hiring a contractor. We know how complex and taxing a new build can be, that’s why we developed our process to answer the following questions:

1. Can I build an ADU?

We answer this question first. But, more importantly, we answer the more complex question of what you can build. We uncover the limitations and opportunities of your property and compare them with your city or county requirements for designing a backyard home we know can be permitted.

2. How much will my ADU cost?

The motivations behind every new ADU are as unique as every property. Once we understand these motivations, we work with your property parameters to not only determine a probable investment that addresses your needs, but will also be approved for city or county permits, and most importantly, incorporates the total net costs of building a fully independent home on your property, not just “the box”.

3. How is all of this going to get done?

Acton ADU leads and manages every aspect of your ADU project, from a comprehensive feasibility to our Acton 10-year warranty. Our design and production teams specialize in ADUs and have been successfully designing and building residential construction projects for 30 years. ADUs are our passion and we know full well how positively they impact the lives of homeowners looking to develop a long-term housing plan for their properties and their families.