Our Commitment to a Better Tomorrow

At Acton ADU, we are more than builders of exceptional Accessory Dwelling Units; we are enthusiastic participants in the vibrant tapestry of California communities. We understand that the strength of a community lies not only in the structures it houses but in the bonds that tie its residents together. This understanding forms the cornerstone of our commitment to community engagement.

From addressing the pressing challenges of the housing shortage to nurturing young minds through education and actively safeguarding the natural beauty of Northern California, we stand alongside our community in the pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

On this page, we invite you to explore our multifaceted approach to community engagement, where we share our efforts and partnerships aimed at fostering positive change one community initiative at a time.

Family Housing

We’re dedicated to making a positive impact on the California housing shortage. As accessory dwelling unit specialists, Acton ADU hosts free, educational seminars and supports housing organizations like the Silicon Valley Housing Trust. We endeavor to help homeowners develop family integrity plans that provide comfort, safety, and long-term housing investments for multi-generational living.

Education and Literacy

We’re passionate about education in our local, Silicon Valley schools. Members of the Acton ADU team volunteer at our local, elementary schools and help promote literacy with organizations like The Children’s Book Council. Acton ADU also gives back, donating 1% of our post-expense income to the school of your choice at the end of each project.

Environmental Conservation

We’re committed to preserving the health, sustainability, and majesty of our Northern California environment. As a way of offering our support, Acton ADU supports Tree Climbers International, with a specific focus on educating people about the incredible, local ecosystems created by Northern California redwood trees. Tree Climbers International is a wonderful organization that teaches the importance of redwood conservation, and is also a big reason why our team climbs trees.

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