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Home Remodeling

Revitalize your aging home.

Build certainty into your next home remodel. It starts with a 30+ year legacy.

Acton ADU has a long, celebrated history as a remodeling company.

Home remodeling is complicated, stressful, and will disrupt your life. Partnering with the right contractor is critical, as well as a design and construction team that understands you, your lifestyle, and how your remodeling endeavor will enrich your life. We work hard to be that trusted partner.

Acton is a full service, design-build company with 30 years of experience designing to your lifestyle and visual preferences, as well as scheduling and navigating the complexities of project engineering and city requirements. Because we are full service, we take the lead and manage every aspect of your project for you, so you can rest easy and enjoy a streamlined remodel that leaves the heavy lifting to us.

At Acton we use helpful online project management tools so you can log in, track daily progress, and collaborate digitally—giving you the peace of mind that transparency brings.

How we do it

We get to know you. We want to learn what you value just as much as what’s possible for your home, and your budget. A relationship is important to us. It’s the foundational piece of any project.

We strive to hear you implicitly and explore solutions that best accomplish your goals. Then endeavor to make your remodel easier. Our designers take the lead to curate and share concepts, floor plans, and finishes so you don’t have the burden of shopping at a dozen tile shops for the right texture and price. We’re here to run the numbers and police your budget also.

We coordinate all necessary parties, from sourcing every finish and material selection to drafting complete construction documents that need to be permitted by the city, as well as  proposing and managing a schedule to build your project on time and on budget.

Ultimately we’re there as your partner, to manage to complexities and headaches as well as guide you through the process from first contact to warranty.

Our remodeling specialities:

  1. Kitchens
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Additions
  4. Whole House remodels

Explore our extensive portfolio.

30 years of beautiful work.


Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.

- Andrew Zimmern

In many cases the kitchen is the center of our lives, that central gathering place where we cook, gather, share, and connect with family and friends.

Many factors go into designing a great kitchen. Factors like comfort and workflow, functionality and ergonomics, storage, and aesthetics. But, ultimately the best kitchens are collaboratively designed and enriched with personalized elements. This is because, understandably, a kitchen is the epicenter of a household’s energy—from the the length of a counter, to the texture of the cabinets, and the fit and function of every fixture and appliance. Kitchens are core to our lives and Acton collaborates with you to deliver charm in every remodel, while also giving you  a sense of security and peace of mind.


We spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom, so it's understandable that we want them to be comfortable, functional, and aesthetically delightful.

At Acton, we design to enhance a bathroom space to provide the form and ergonomics that best suit the way you or your family lives. From simple powder rooms, to luxurious spas with steam showers and heated floors, you are guided through a personalized selection process.

Fortunately, options for enhancing your bathroom through remodeling and renovation is almost limitless. From a simple powder room to a luxurious spa bathroom with a steam showers and sunken tubs, Acton has helped homeowners create the lifestyle then desire and need for 30 years.


For many of us, adding to your home is an absolute necessity, particularly as families grow. And designing and building an addition that matches your house seamlessly, both structurally and architecturally, is no small achievement.

Additions can range from bedrooms and offices to bathrooms and kitchens. Acton helps you consider dozens of important factors—from connecting rooflines to supporting modern amenities, and of course, the finishing details that compliment the style of your home.

Our architectural team coordinates with engineers early on to confirm and ensure your addition is feasible. We then manage every aspect of the construction, navigating not only the complexities of your project, but also interfacing with your city’s planning and building departments for required approvals.

Whole House Remodel

A whole house remodel is a big project. A project that can disrupt your life, displace your family, and generate a lot of stress. That’s why having the right partner, a partner you can trust, is so crucial.

Maybe you’ve been searching for the perfect home for years or you’re settled into the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed up. Your location could be perfect for work, family, school, and recreation, but your home falls short. It needs a lot of work to complete the lifestyle plan you envision, including comfort, aesthetics and functionality.

A whole house remodel is likely a great solution for you. This is an opportunity to adapt your floor plan to your life, freshen tired styles, and essentially re-think the residential design of your house. Think outside the box.

In most cases with a whole house remodel, homeowners move out and Acton takes over. We not only guide the design and navigate city regulations to acquire permits, but we also demolish, rebuild the interior, manage debris, and maintain an orderly job site.


Most of us want to live in our homes as long as possible. We cherish memories of family, friends, or our neighborhoods and life. But we also know that ensuring a safe, functional, and comfortable environment is important as we get older.

As ADU specialists, the Acton team is well-versed and certified (CAPS or Certified Aging-in-place Specialists) in designing and developing with the best practices for living and thriving at home as we age.

From bathroom grab bars and curbless showers to modified countertop heights and clearance in first floor bedrooms, we design and build generationally, breathing life into a home that gives you or your loved ones a sense of security and peace of mind.

As we age, it becomes more important to ensure our environments stay safe, functional, and comfortable. The Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS) at Acton ADU are uniquely qualified to assist you with innovative ideas that will make your home safe and accessible for years to come. From bathroom grab bars to modified countertop heights and new first floor bedrooms, our job is to make your home modifications seamless, beautiful and affordable.

The Acton Team is like no other.

Our team shares more than a 100 years of combined experience. We share a vision.