Free ADU Webinars

Join our ADU webinar and leave with a list of practical questions to ask when you’re ready to get started with your ADU in Silicon Valley.

Often, rapid rule changes and different regulations in every jurisdiction, along with the complexity of determining if your home, or the home you’re interested in, makes it challenging for many homeowners to take advantage of an ADU as a long-term investment for their families. Our webinar will leave you feeling prepared for any challenge associated with building an ADU.

How to Build an ADU

We know how important it is to keep your family close. What could be better than building an ADU in your backyard?

​​​​​​​Creating a long-term investment and housing plan for your family is a big deal. An Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a fantastic solution for keeping your family close while increasing your property value. But, building an ADU isn’t a straightforward process.

Kevin Lee

Webinar Host

Getting Started

Navigating the rules, regulations, and complexities of building an ADU.

Diving Into The Details

How to get started with project evaluation, financing, smart design, and construction.

Protecting Your Investment

The importance of protecting your investment with high quality construction and warranties.

Know Your Project

Know the questions you should be asking when you’re ready to get started with an ADU.