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Beautiful, personalized, and high quality.

ADUs from Start to Finish.

Acton ADUs are personalized, high quality, traditionally built backyard homes. 

We are specialists that manage every aspect of your project and have been successfully building residential homes for over 30 years.

Family connectivity and long term housing plans for property owners are two biggest passions. We build ADUs because we know full well how positively they impact the lives of homeowners, their families, and the long-term value of their property.

How it Works

Step 1: Evaluation

It’s important to understand what’s possible. Regulations on setbacks, location, rear yard coverage, and even materials are changing constantly, and it's our role to navigate those complexities, so you know what you can build and understand what works for your budget.

Step 2: Design

One of the benefits of having been a specialized, design-build company for over 30 years, is having a vast library of plans and designs, created and curated by our architectural and interior designers. In fact, many of our ADU plans are pre-approved by the City of San Jose. This is great for substantially reducing design costs and eliminating uncertainty during the permitting process.

The Acton ADU design process is a simple one. We share a series of floor plans with elevations that work for your property and, of course, your needs and motivations. Every Acton ADU is personalized, so we'll also share a series of possible interior design options to choose from that are included in your budget. To further personalize, we offer premium upgrades that can be added to projects.

Step 3: Build

We provide a detailed cost for the production of your home, define the schedule, and purchase materials. Simultaneously our design team represents your project and submits for your permits, addressing any building or planning department adjustments.

We lead a Pre-Production Meeting with you at your home and finalize all of the practical details involved with how the build will impact your life. Once complete, we build your ADU.

Our process is designed to reduce risk.

Building a real, comfortable, and independent home in your backyard is more than a big project, it's a long-term investment for your property. In the ever-changing world of ADUs (accessory dwelling units) it’s helpful to partner with a specialist that understands your long-term plans, your property, and has the knowledge and expertise to navigate the rules and regulations. From start to finish.

The Acton ADU Approach

Our process is designed to minimize risk. Building an accessory home is a meaningful investment for your property, and like every investment, should be treated with great care.

There is a lot more to designing, navigating, and building an ADU than picking a plan. We know how complex and taxing a new build can be, that’s why we developed our process to answer the following questions:

1. Can I build an ADU?

We answer this question first. But, more importantly, we answer the more complex question of what you can build. We uncover the limitations and opportunities of your property and compare them with your city or county requirements for designing a backyard home we know can be permitted.

2. How much will my ADU cost?

The motivations behind every new ADU are as unique as every property. Once we understand these motivations, we not only determine a probable investment that addresses your needs, but will also be successfully approved for city or county permits. But, most importantly, we want to provide transparency to the total net costs of building a fully independent home on your property, not just “a box”.

3. How is all of this going to get done?

Acton ADU leads every aspect of your ADU project, from the very first site inspection, to design, permitting, construction, and warranty.

Pre-Approved ADUs in San Jose

Acton ADU has the most pre-approved options in San Jose.

What does "Per-Approved" mean?

A "pre-approved" ADU plan has been reviewed by the City of San Jose Building and Planning department in advance, resulting in drastically reduced permitting time, as well as 3rd party design fees, so long as the design is not altered.

Acton ADU pre-approved plans take this concept a step further. We design our homes to be the most optimal in terms of efficiency, flexibility, privacy, quality, and long-term value. As we mentioned above, Acton ADUs are not factory made or mobile home units. Our homes also have interior package options, as well as upgrades, so homeowners can personalize their ADUs for their specific needs.

Every family we work with has a story.

Learn more about what its like to work with Acton ADU.