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We've been builders for 30 years.

Founder Stan Acton has been a builder since he was 10 years old. It began the day he broke his father’s wooden mallet. The mallet was a family heirloom that Stan’s father had crafted himself on his own father’s antique Shopsmith lathe. Stan was devastated and rushed to grab a hunk of old firewood. He carefully took the wood, placed it on the antique Shopsmith--and in that moment, his passion for carpentry was born.

While studying computer science, Stan worked his way through college as an apprentice to John Warren, a local remodeling contractor. Upon graduating, Stan was well on his way to working in SIlicon Valley tech, but he always found himself drawn to his roots as a craftsman. So he made a decision. He would be a builder. A builder who learned from John Warren the satisfaction and pride of quality craftsmanship, and the profound importance of integrity. Values that helped shape the foundation of Acton Construction.

Acton Construction was a design-build company with enthusiasm for crafting beautiful homes that are functional, lasting, and charming. Acton Construction thrived through established processes and utilizing expertise to provide customers with certainty, transparency, and value--always. This is our legacy.

On January 1st, 2017 the State of California took action to greatly reduce the restrictions and requirements to build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). This was the first giant leap towards helping alleviate the California housing crisis, and Stan Acton took another.

As a passionate ADU advocate, Stan Acton committed to utilizing the 30 year legacy of Acton Construction, to specialize and focus solely on navigating regulations, designing, and building ADUs to help homeowners create lasting, long-term housing options to keep family close, earn passive income, and ultimately grow our communities responsibly.

In the following months, Acton ADU was born. A veteran design build company with decades of residential residential design and construction experience to tackle the challenge of making ADUs accessible for homeowners who need them.