Financing an accessory dwelling unit isn’t straightforward.

Most banks don’t yet have meaningful, competitive opportunities for homeowners looking for the certainty and predictability of a 30-year fixed loan. Until now.

We can help you secure financing for your backyard home with one of our trusted partners.

  1. Down payment as low as 10%
  2. Interest only payments during construction of your ADU
  3. Construction periods up to 24 months
  4. Options available for vacation homes
  5. Renovate your existing home
  6. Interest only payments for the first year
  7. Closing costs can be included in the loan amount
  8. Low Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Options
  9. Property values based on “after improved” valuations not current market

If you’re interested in financing options for your ADU project, reach out to one of our ADU Specialists today.

Contact us today. We can help.


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