12 Home Remodeling Experts Share Their #1 Tip for Homeowners

As a participant in an expert panel among twelve home remodeling contractors across the nation, we each were asked to contribute one valuable piece of advice for homeowners approaching a remodeling project. I was truly amazed at the diverse response and insightful comments that provided a great foundation for starting a remodeling project. As such, I felt compelled to share them. Twelve home remodeling experts share their #1 tip for homeowners.

In this article, you’ll find my advice is about Trust. To me, trust is a broad concept that includes more than important things like integrity. We know that an electrical fuse will blow if a power surge occurs, but won’t blow under normal conditions. In both situations, we trust that the fuse will both provide when appropriate, and protect when needed. This predictable performance is the basis for a healthy, safe and reliable electrical system.

In a similar way, a trusting relationship between client and contractor is crucial. We need to be able to predict events and outcomes and feel confident that those events and outcomes are consistent with our remodeling agreements and everyone’s best interest.

Developing that level of trust can take time, and the best way to do this is by working closely with your contractor through the design phase of a project. Ultimately, the cost to design is small compared to the cost to build. Collaborating during this lower risk phase lays an excellent foundation for the big work that lies ahead.

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