COVID-19 Update: We are in this together.

As homebuilders, we have dedicated over 30 years to creating comfortable, safe, secure, and enriching places for families to live. As of today, Santa Clara County is among several counties to issue a public health order asking residents and non-essential businesses to “shelter at their place of residence” for 3 weeks to help reduce person to person contact.

“For purposes of this Order, individuals may leave their residence to provide any services or perform any work necessary to the operations and maintenance of “Essential Infrastructure,” including, but not limited to, public works construction, construction of housing, etc…” – Santa Clara County

At Acton ADU, family is our highest priority, so we understand that you may be feeling concerned about the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. We share your concern and are actively following the best practices and guidelines provided by the CDC and other public health authorities to ensure the health and safety of our community.

Going Forward

Given that Acton ADU is a homebuilder, we are considered by the County of Santa Clara to be an essential business. Going forward, our construction teams will be operating with best practices, as provided by health authorities: maintaining six foot distances from homeowners, sterilizing surfaces, and practicing good hygiene. Even though job sites are considerably lower risk for transference, we want to be conscientious.

Our office team will be working remotely, answering phones, scheduling, and conducting consultation calls. That way you still have access to the Acton ADU advisory team for your backyard home projects.

The events taking place today are unprecedented in our community, and we firmly believe that if we all do our part to curb the progress of COVID-19, we will make a big impact together. We care deeply about the health and wellness of our employees, our partners, and the homeowners we build for. If we work together as a community, we’re confident that we will be able to successfully curb the spread of this pandemic.

Stay healthy,
Stan Acton


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