Introducing the Granny Pod: How Your Aging Parents Can Live Closer to Home

Taking care of an aging loved one is a huge undertaking, especially if they live far away. The struggle to take care of your needs while helping them is stressful. But, for some families, nursing homes are not a consideration.

Sometimes, senior facilities are not the best solution. Considering COVID-19, it can be even more dangerous in these times!

A granny pod is a better solution than a nursing home. Keep reading to learn more about this alternative option.

What Is a Granny Pod?

Most people have witnessed the popularity of backyard homes grow over the years, and now, senior citizens are taking advantage of them.

Granny pods are the perfect solution for families who want to give their aging loved one privacy while keeping an eye on them. It allows them to enjoy their own living quarters, but if there’s an emergency, a family member is close by.

For homeowners in San Jose, California, a granny pod is an investment that has several advantages. Not only does it provide a safe pace for your elderly family member, but it comes in handy for other uses.

Types of Granny Pods

Granny pods can be built or bought pre-assembled. When deciding where to place the unit, there are several options. These are the different types of pods:

Garage Conversion: This option allows you to attach a granny pod to an existing garage.

Detached Pod: For homeowners with lots of land, this is a good option. It’s a separate structure that’s completely detached from the primary residence.

Attached Pod: This type of unit works similar to adding on an extra wing to the house. It’s connected to the home, but it’s still a private unit.

Interior Conversion: This granny pod exists within the interior of the house. It’s similar to living in a fully equipped basement.

Granny Pods Floor Plans

Granny pod floor plans should have everything that a normal house has. You want your loved one to feel comfortable and enjoy the amenities of a regular home. When you look for granny pods for sale, try to find one that suits their taste. For instance, if they enjoy sitting outside, find a unit that has a porch or patio.

Also, think about their condition. Do they have good mobility? It’s important to consider these things and consider the future. If their condition deteriorates, they may need wheelchair access. What if they ever need a hospital bed? If that happens, make sure their bedroom is large enough for it and the entryway is large enough to bring it in.

Most granny pods floor plans are the size of a studio apartment, which is 400 to 500 square feet. So use the space wisely. You also want to fill the granny pods interior with grab bars, cushioned floors, shower safety equipment, etc.

Smart Granny Pods

That’s right. Granny pods can be equipped with smart technology too. Having your elderly loved one close by is great, but unless you’re going to their pod every few minutes, you never know what’s happening in there.

Installing cameras and a communication system is a good idea. You should also give them access to smart technology, so things are easier for them. Allowing your loved one to control the temperature or lights via smart devices removes a bit of a burden.

Not to mention, if they’re bedridden, it cuts down on some of the tasks you would otherwise have to do for them.

Are Granny Pods Really a Good Option?

Actually, granny pods are a fantastic option! After weighing the price of the pod, plus other costs, you’ll realize how affordable it is.

Plus, the time you get to spend with your aging loved one is priceless. A granny pod isn’t just a temporary solution, it’s an investment. In the event that your relative passes on, you can use the pod as you wish.

If you were to pay for a nursing home, none of the money you spend out will benefit you in the future. On the other hand, a pod can continue in your family for years.

Keep Your Loved Ones Close With a Granny Pod

Doesn’t it feel good to know that there’s a solution available for aging adults? Families have wrestled with the burden of how to care for their elderly loved ones for years. Finally, the best of both worlds is here, providing families with privacy and accessibility all in one.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting a granny pod, contact us. We service Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas. Our company specializes in crafting units that are designed with you in mind.

If you have questions, our office can be reached at 408-369-1103. We look forward to partnering with you soon!

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