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We're glad we made the right decision to have you do the remodel of our house and will spread the word any chance we get. Again, thanks for making our house exactly what we pictured the day we bought it! We're looking forward to many happy years in the house we made our own.

Aaron & Liz, Campbell, CA

...honest, upfront, and professional. We are pleased with the quality of workmanship. Stan was willing to work with us to understand our wishes and to implement them. He met with us up to 6 months before the project began. He was flexible, detail-oriented, and took time to insure that we were satisfied with the final results.

- Donna & Harry, Sunnyvale, CA

I was greatly impressed with the attention to detail, high quality of work (by both Acton Construction and its sub-contractors), execution speed, problem-solving skills, and project management. I consider Acton Construction to be the gold standard in residential construction in terms of both product and process. I would not hesitate to hire them again for any residential project.

Rajiv, Palo Alto, CA

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