Acton Construction, Inc. launches Acton ADU, a new company that specializes in Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

(Campbell - CA) Acton Construction, a residential building company operating in the Silicon Valley for 30 years, has launched Acton ADU, a company specializing in designing and building customized Accessory Dwelling Units (while also navigating changing California regulations), with a focus on long-term family planning.

Founder, Stan Acton, a long-time California housing advocate, created Acton ADU to both meet the demand for knowledgeable and specialized ADU builders, and to make a positive impact on the California housing shortage by offering a holistic approach to long-term housing plans for homeowners.

Acton shared, “The shortage of housing is a major issue in California. One that can’t be solved without expanding capacity within existing city boundaries.” Acton continued, “With multigenerational living on the rise, we help homeowners create long-term plans for their families who want to retire, need to accommodate aging parents, help young adults just starting out on their own, and as a future investment.”

Acton ADU is ultimately a full-service company that specializes in ADU architecture and interior design, navigating code regulations in 19 city or county jurisdictions, as well as the complete construction of fully liveable accessory homes.

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