The Fergason Story

Originally looking to build an addition onto their primary residence, the Fergason family decided to opt for a solution that would greatly expand the flexibility of their property and create a completely independent living space for their aging parents, long-term guests, kids, and an additional, exterior office space for Russ who actually operates a home business.

Coupled with the proximity to their pool, the ADU was the best solution to maximize their property for a variety of reasons.

Site Challenges

There are many properties throughout different regions within the Bay Area that required solutions for septic tanks and leach fields. That’s okay. There are always solutions. The Fergason project introduced several complexities, but one of the most important was the removal of a septic tank and re-compacting so that the ADU could be built on a safe, sturdy location.

Additionally, groundwater was discovered during the drilling stage for the piers of the foundation. This required us to drill 50% deeper than average. These kinds of challenges happen can happen to any project and we do our best to set expectations early on, so that even when there are surprises we’ve all prepared for them.