Mike Gorgolinski Invests in Mountain View ADU for Family Care and Property Enhancement

…wanted to also give special thanks to Stan (owner) for keeping his company together during these extremely difficult times. That is the type of company you can expect to be working with. That alone speaks volumes about working with this builder.

– Mike G.

Part 1: Motivations

Back in 2010, Mike moved home to take care of his aging parents. Looking to create his own, private space, he reached out to Acton ADU to build an ADU on his property in Mountain View. Mike was eager to invest in a backyard home not just for himself, but for a future care giver, not to mention an overall positive investment in the family’s property.

Part 2: Project Evaluation

Upon evaluating the project, the main challenge for the Gorgolinski project were the setbacks. The backyard had several structures already, as well as a substantial amount of vegetation. The landscaping was of major importance for the family as well, so it was thought out and planned for very early in the process.

Part 3: Design

Mike loves to cook, so high quality appliances and designing dedicated spaces for them were both very important.

Additionally, the family just had undergone a recent remodel to the main home, and they wanted to match and create continuity with the main house.

Part 4: Build

Once we acquired the permit, the site was prepared, utilities connected, and foundation poured.

Part 5: Home Sweet Home

Mike moved into his new home upon completion of the house and landscaping. Mike is now close to his parents and able to provide extra help and care. Additionally, Mike has a place to be a future care giver, as well as an additional living space for more family in the future. Mike chronicled his project in a time-lapse video as well, you can watch it above!