Overall a superb construction company! I would give more stars if I could :-)

– Shaheen Kanchwala

The Kanchwala Story

Raymond and Shaheen are raising two children, eight and four, while juggling their careers and working hard to stay connected with their parents and family both on the east coast and in the pacific northwest. Their youngest is also on the autism spectrum and requires extra care, and will likely be living at home in the future.

With two kids, two sets of grandparents and Raymond’s sister visiting from Portland with her own four children regularly, the Kanchwala’s needed more independent, livable space to house family for long stays. Combined with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and their lifestyle changing forever, the Kanchwala’s decided that an ADU would be the perfect solution.

Concerned about the quality of mobile home or factory housing, as well as property limitations like their pool and corner lot, the Kanchwala’s made the decision that Acton ADU would be the perfect fit to build a thoughtfully designed, high quality home that would meet all of their needs for years to come.