Part 1: Motivations

Allie Rossi is a young professional and artist living in Los Altos, California. With steep rents in Palo Alto, she was looking for opportunities to save money, build credit, and invest into an asset that would create value now and continue adding for years to come. Allie and her parents wanted to build her a ‘home’ of her own. Taking advantage of their property is Los Altos was a great option, and so their ADU project was born.

Part 2: Project Validation

There is a stand-alone garage on the left side of the property and a lot of space in the backyard for an ADU. A detached ADU behind the garage, facing the main backyard area, preferably 551 SF was an ideal spot to create connectivity between the two homes without eliminating privacy.

By designing and building an approximately 551 SF ADU, while still providing convenient access to the main yard, which would be shared with the family, the Rossi family was able to preserve both shared and private gardening space.

Part 3: Design

Maximizing smart, usable space is a priority with any smaller, backyard home. Considerations like vaulted ceilings in the great room with storage above the bedroom and bathroom, and an easily accessible loft for Allie’s mini art studio and lounging area, were all important.

The interior design also features much of Allie’s eclectic aesthetic and the home is teaming with fun and funky colors, patterns, and accents. The artist’s loft with custom library-style ladder, art and feature walls, custom color cabinetry, French pocket doors, large peninsula with turned leg supports, and a vanity niche with open shelving, are all gorgeous details that really bring the home together.

Did we mention that Allie is also an interior designer? No surprise there, she was involved from the beginning and added marvelous style to what would become her dream home.

Part 4: Build

The Rossi ADU, as with all Acton projects, is an authentic, traditional build that took about 17 weeks from start to finish. Acton ADU prefers traditional builds for quality control and long-term value.

As with any ADU, the first step is to prepare the site for its utility connections and foundation. The Rossi project was no different. Once connections were established, the framing, rough plumbing and electrical were completed. Final steps were to insulate and drywall the home which enabled us to move to the gorgeous finishing touches.

Part 5: Home Sweet Home

Allie, now home in her Los Altos ADU, is looking to the second stage of her home project! Planting her garden and gathering her artist friends and her mom (also an artist) to paint a large mural on the side of their detached garage. Their vision for this mural is to enhance the views and collaborate to make a timeless installation piece that further transforms their yard into a work of art.