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Part 1: Motivations

Justin’s main motivation was to care for his mom. Justin needed to be close on a daily basis, while still providing himself privacy and comfort. An ADU was a great solution, perfect for keeping close while maintaining a dedicated, independent space for himself. The proximity of his new home also provided peace of mind for both he and his mom.

Part 2: Project Evaluation

The property’s existing layout only provided for building in the side yard, which was a challenge by the previous years’ standards. It wasn’t until the city of San Jose updated their restrictions, that we were able to shorten the distance that a property had to be set back from the front property line. Once this allowance was lowered to 45’ were submitted plans for an approved permit to build.

Part 3: Design

Based on property restrictions, we provided a design for a longer, narrower unit that would fit perfectly aside the main home, and maximize the space. Since we had to limit the number of openings on the wall facing the existing home for fire safety, we decided to fill the opposite wall with four large single hung windows and then added clerestory windows above each, producing a wonderful amount of natural light. A matching transom window was added above the entry door as well, to generate an air, light space.

The color scheme and aesthetic we created was fully representative of Justin’s personality, right down to the black walls and steampunk inspired bathroom vanity and lighting. Additionally, the exterior paint colors were then applied to the main home to create full visual coordination on the lot.

Part 4: Build

Once permitting was completed, we prepared the site for construction by clearing it and sorting the utilities. Since the existing panel would not be able to carry the load of the existing home and ADU, we had to perform a panel upgrade at the end of the job. Once complete, framing began and the home came together beautifully.

Part 5: Home Sweet Home

Complete and ready to move in, Justin is looking forward to putting his stamp on his new home and relish in his private, bespoke accessory unit. The proximity to his mom has made care for her much easier, while allow both of them enjoy the to live in privacy and comfort.

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