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ADUs are personal.

We design small spaces that are personalized for your property and your family.

We take care of everything.

Acton ADU specializes in designing, navigating, and building custom ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units.

ADUs are new and regulations are different for every city, county, and even neighborhood—and the regulations are changing all the time. That’s where we come in.

With a 30-year legacy as a residential construction company, Acton knows how difficult it can be to design and build ADUs. Rest assured. No challenge is too large. No project is too small. In fact, we are educators in  architectural and interior design best practices, engineering creative ways to utilize small spaces efficiently. We also specialize in navigating the complexity and confusion in this rapidly changing environment, so you don’t have to.

How we do it.

We use a structured approach to understand you, your project motivations, and what’s possible for your property and budget. We do this utilizing a simplified three-step process:

Phase 1: Feasibility & Conceptual Design

It’s important to understand what’s possible. Regulations on setbacks, location, rear yard coverage, and even materials are changing constantly and we’re here to navigate those complexities so you know what you can build and understand what works for your budget. This results in a floor plan and probable investment based on your needs and budget requirements.

Phase 2: Detailed Design 

The floor plan is the first step. But, then the floor plan needs to be translated into a permit set of construction documents. That’s where our residential design team and Interior Design team step in. Not only do they finalize the structure, engineering, fits, finishes, and materials, but they will also adhere to regulations like Cal Green, Title 24, and other requirements set forth by various departments of your regulatory jurisdiction. 

Phase 3: Permits & Production

Once the construction documents are complete, Acton navigates the permitting process for you and breaks ground on your project, adhering to a schedule that’s made available to you online.

Every family we work with has a story.

Learn more about what its like to work with Acton ADU.