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Backyard Offices

Backyard Offices

Don't settle for a shed. High quality, private, and comfortable.

Flexible backyard space from start to finish.

For many of us, working from home is the new normal. 

In fact, many Bay Area tech companies are making working at home an option for their employees forever. With that being the case, more and more professionals need quiet, comfortable, dedicated space to get their jobs done. Not to mention families with children are struggling with creating healthy learning environments for taking classes via video call. 

Whatever your reason, we feel utilizing the backyard to maximize privacy, comfort, and convenience is important. That’s why we’ve introduced Acton Offices.

What is a backyard office?

Simple. Our backyard offices are real, high quality and personalized independent buildings designed for maximizing productivity from home. Be it for work, school, or hanging out for friends or family, each office is wired for electricity and internet, insulated for comfort, set on a real concrete foundation, traditionally framed, and optimized for a number of activities.

  • Home Office
  • Home Gym
  • Home School
  • Home Productivity

Acton backyard offices are the real deal and designed to add lasting value to your property.

What is included?

  • Choice between two designs
  • Personalization options
  • Electrical permits
  • Construction 
  • Electrical wiring 
  • Internet wiring
  • Optional upgrades

Why Acton ADU?

Quality. Acton backyard offices are build to last, built to retain value, and most importantly, built to be a comfortable, flexible space to be proud of.

How it Works

Every construction project is complicated. We make it easy.

Step 1: Evaluation

We conduct a thorough site inspection and evaluate your properties pre-existing conditions. 

Step 2: Choose Your Office, Options, and Upgrades

  • Choose between our two offices plans: The Studio and The Suite. Both are wired for internet, electricity, and designed to have two workstations. They can also be laid out in a number of ways. 
  • Choose your options. These options are included in the price, so you can make personalizations like: color, siding, flooring, etc.
  • Choose any upgrades you might want. These are not included in the price, but can be added on to maximize personalize your investment with add ons like: storage, sound dampening, exterior finishes, and more.

Step 3: Build

Acton ADU backyard offices don’t require build permits, but require electrical permits. That means we can get started faster, however due to COVID-19 limitations, timelines can be extended.

Choose your work space

Two options with lots of personalization.

The Studio

Example layouts. Furniture not included.

Small Office square option 1
Small Office square option 3
Small Office Square option 4

Work from home in style and comfort.

Transform a part of your yard into a place for productivity, for you and your whole family.

The Suite

Example layouts. Furniture not included.

Small office rectangular room option 1 1
Small Office Rectangular option 3 2
Small Office Rectangular option 2 2

Looking for more than a work space?

Acton ADU transforms backyards into high quality homes.