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Build Ready ADUs

Build Ready ADUs

Save time, money, and get started right away.

What is a "Build Ready" ADU? 

Build Ready ADU plans are complete floor plans with elevations, structural engineering, and interior design packages curated by the Acton ADU architectural and interior design team. Three Build Ready Plans are also pre-approved in San Jose, CA, greatly expediting the permitting process.

What does "pre-approved" mean? 

Acton Build Ready ADUs are pre-approved by the San Jose, Building Department. That means you'll save time and money designing and permitting your ADU. But, remember that every project no matter the scope, design, or approach must still be approved by your city's planning department.

Is an Acton Build Ready ADU right for me?

Our design philosophy is centered around eliminating risk, reducing costs, and delivering vetted, designer curated residential design and interior design solutions that are beautiful, functional, and help homeowners move forward with ADU projects confidently. If you're looking to save money, time, and energy then evaluating an Acton ADU Build Ready option is a strong way to get started.


  • Avoid upfront residential design costs
  • Avoid structural engineering costs
  • Avoid a lengthy interior design stage
  • 3 interior finish package options
  • 3 plans already pre-approved in San Jose, CA


  • Limited floor plan options
  • Limited customization

How it works

We use a structured approach to understand you, your project motivations, and what’s possible for your property and budget. We do this utilizing a simplified three-step process:

Step 1: Project Evaluation

It’s important to understand what’s possible. Regulations on setbacks, location, rear yard coverage, and even materials are changing constantly and we’re here to navigate those complexities so you know what you can build and understand what works for your budget. 

We learn your needs and motivations, and assess the viability of your project. Our job is to evaluate your project at a preliminary level, provide a Project Validation Report at our headquarters, and prepare to conduct a Design Interview for Step 2: Design.

Step 2: Design 

We select the ideal, Build Ready floor plan with elevations (pre-approved by the city of San Jose), customize your plan to meet your property's requirements, and provide Interior Design Packages to choose from. All in order to prepare the documents for Step 3: Build.

Step 3: Build

We provide a detailed cost for the production, define the schedule, and purchase materials. Simultaneously our design team represents your project and submits for your permits, addresses any building or planning department adjustments.

We lead a Pre-Production Meeting with you at your home and finalize all of the practical details involved with how the build will impact your life. Once complete, we start building your ADU.

Every family we work with has a story.

Learn more about what its like to work with Acton ADU.