6 Features All Backyard Homes Need

Have you ever gone to look at houses and seen one that has a terribly designed backyard home layout? Or maybe these backyard homes do not have the right features?

If you plan to live in a backyard cottage or add on an ADU house to yours, you want to make sure the layout is perfect.

So what can you do to make sure of this? Keep reading for six features that all backyard homes need to have!

1. Built-in Storage

Since a typical granny pod doesn’t have much space to work with, it’s essential to build the backyard home floor plan with storage in mind.

You want to ask yourself where you can maximize space and add in storage locations as you build so it’s not a concern later. Here are a few ideas to consider when thinking about accessory dwelling units floor plans:

  • Full-length kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets
  • Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom 
  • Over-the-bed cabinets 
  • Possible loft space 

In addition to built-in storage areas, you can also maximize space by adding in hooks and shelving in different areas around the house. These hooks can be used to store a bike, pots and pans in the kitchen, and keys and purses. The shelving can be used to store shoes near the door.

2. Large Windows

Nature has been proven over and over again to improve mental health and cognition. So why not use this information and build a backyard home around this idea?

One way to do this is by installing large windows all over the granny flat. The large windows will provide more natural light, which will make the space look bigger than it actually is as well.

When installing these large windows for their benefit, you need to consider a few things about the layout:

  • Where maximum sunlight comes in throughout the day 
  • Privacy and tinting 
  • Placement of windows in regards to the other backyard home features

Be sure to thoroughly consider the location and need of the windows before starting the personalized build of the home.

3. Make One Space for All Entertainment

The best way to design a granny flat is to put all things entertainment in one area. This means that any gaming consoles, TVs, electronics for music like speakers, and DVD players should all be in the same place in the home.

Not only will having them all in one area make it easier to access, but it will also keep the place looking cleaner and more put together since you are only working with a small area.

When designing the backyard home, consider adding in an area to hide the wires in the walls to make it look nicer as well as making it a safer area to walk around.

4. Design Backyard Homes With an Open Layout

Open layouts are beneficial because they make a space feel bigger. You’re less closed in and don’t feel confined to one room at a time. Instead, while you are cooking dinner you can also see the TV or socialize

We live a large portion of our lives in the kitchen.Whether you’re watching TV or working in the living room,  you can interact with whoever is in the kitchen and have a conversation with them.

In addition to having access to things and being able to hold more conversations, if the ADU house is for someone with limited mobility, this helps with getting around.

5. Invest in Practical Furniture

When designing a granny pod, you may be enticed to get some of the cooler furniture or the furniture that is on sale. However, keep in mind that furniture takes up space, and space that you don’t necessarily have.

To maximize this space and add in more storage options, you can purchase furniture that has built-in storage. Here are a few examples:

  • Lounges with built-in storage areas for blankets or pillows
  • Fold-out tables in the kitchen or tables that hook into the wall and can be put up when not being used
  • Sinks that have an optional counter that can be placed over it for more counter space when the sink is not being used
  • Cabinet with a wine rack

These practical furniture options will free up space and allow you to have more things in the home.

6. Create a Useable Outdoor Space

Creating an outdoor space that can be used by the main home and the granny flat is a great use of space. So what can you put out here to make it useable and practical?

Consider adding a shared patio area where everyone can hang out and enjoy good weather and food. Adding in a fireplace can make this area useable when it is a bit colder outside as well. Depending on where you live, adding in a pergola would be beneficial in case of bad weather.

You could also create a garden area if anyone in the home enjoys gardening. This will not only provide an opportunity for entertainment, but it also looks pretty in the backyard and can even provide some of your food!

Granny Pod Ideas That Work 

Creating backyard homes is never an easy feat, but with these six tips, you’ll be installing all of the right backyard home features in your granny flat.

Not only will the inside of the granny pod look nice, but the outside will also look great!

If you’re ready to build the perfect backyard home floor plan, contact us for help with the build!

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