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A Space to Call Their Own: A Guide to Granny Pods Floor Plans

Did you know that over 2.5 million older adults live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities? That’s a lot of seniors living away from home!

Despite the statistics, you might find that you want to keep your elderly loved one a little closer to home. You’ll be able to look after them better and give them the care and love they so deserve. Not to mention, not everybody has the available resources to enroll their loved ones into a facility.

That’s where granny pods come in. But to transform the pod into an ideal living space, you need to know some of the best granny pod floor plans.

Keep reading for great ideas!

What Is a Granny Pod?

Granny pods are independent houses adjacent to your home on the primary property. They were devised as a means to allow caregivers easy access to their aging or disabled loved ones.

Granny pods are also known as ‘accessory dwelling units,’ or ADUs. What is unique about accessory unit dwelling designs is that they prioritize safety and comfort above all.

Accessibility is a big concern when it comes to housing the aged populations. ADUs keep this in mind by adding features that make assisted living more viable. This can include designs such as:

  • Wider passageways for wheelchair access
  • Rounded and lower countertops for those on mobility devices
  • Bars and pulls in washrooms and other high-contact areas
  • Slip-resistant floors

These features ensure your aged loved one is comfortable and secure on your property. No wonder more families are opting for granny pod house plans when designing their homes!

Pod Particulars

So what exactly can you find in granny pod floor plans? Well, the layout is similar to the usual ‘mother-in-law suite’. 

It thus has all the necessities required for everyday living but condensed into a smaller space. It offers the main amenities of the larger house, but with privacy and seclusion. 

A kitchen with essential appliances, a bathroom, and a bedroom are the typical requirements in a floor plan of this sort. Most granny pods do offer additional amenities as well.

A small living room can be a nice touch for your loved one to relax in. Adequate storage space and independent heating and cooling are also required functionalities to include.

In general, granny pods are made to be hooked up to the main house. Sewage, water, and electrical wiring are all connected to the primary property to save on utility bills and avoid very expensive independent integrations with the city

Unique Granny Pods Floor Plans Ideas

Granny pods don’t need to be just bare, shelter-like spaces. With the right designer, they can be transformed into unique spaces that will come in handy for many years down the line.

Adding a little personality doesn’t require too much more effort. A little bit of creativity goes a long way. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Shared Patio

Having a shared patio between the big house and granny pod is a great solution. It will provide opportunities for mingling and hanging out, especially when the weather is nice out!

Covered Walkway

Creating a walkway between the main house and granny pod is another excellent solution. It will provide family members easy access to and from various spaces.

In addition, a walkway also creates an accessible passage if your loved one uses a mobility device. The fact that it is covered will come in handy if it’s raining or snowing.

Add a Garden

It may come as no surprise that many seniors love to garden.

Adding a little vegetable garden next to the granny pod is perfect for creating a little nature retreat. Not to mention, it will keep your loved one healthy and active too.

How Can I Create a Granny Pod?

When it comes to architectural design and construction, it is always best to refer to professionals. They will ensure that your unit stands the test of time. After all, minor inconveniences can add up to massive expenses over time – and going with an expert will preempt that.

Another important consideration is that all ADUs must be built according to code and zoning laws.

Building the unit yourself can also be dangerous for those inhabiting the house, as most individuals may forget standard safety features such as hand railings, lighted floorboards, and more. 

Are you wondering – ‘Can I put an ADU on my property?’ Well, building your granny pod will also require the necessary building approvals from local authorities. Professional designers can help you secure these permits with ease and speed.

Granny Pods Are the Way to Go

We get it – you want to keep your loved one close to home. But maybe not so close that you’re living under the same roof! Granny pods floor plans are the perfect way to maintain independence – both for you as well as your elderly loved one.

This solution is gaining popularity as the newest housing trend. Accessory dwelling unit design is a great way to add charm and value to your property while offering the convenience of care and companionship every day.

Looking to build the perfect granny pod plans? At Acton ADU San Jose, we specialize in personalized builds designed to suit your specific design requirements. Our builds are known for their high-quality and long-lasting features that benefit every long-term family housing and investment plan.

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