Advantages of Design-Build Remodeling

This is Why Design-Build Remodeling is Better: 3 Ways to an Excellent Home Remodel

Plus 4 ways to prepare for your first remodeling design meeting

The design-build process is a more efficient way to approach any home remodeling project, and it comes with many advantages for you and your home. Here’s how the design-build remodeling process differs from what you may have experienced in the past:

1. The Design-Build Approach: A New Way to Remodel

In the past, many homeowners endured a lengthy “design-bid-build” process before any remodeling work started. Homeowners had to coordinate work between three different parties first—a designer”, an interior designer, and the contractor:

  • Hire a designer” to draw out structural design drawings.
  • Hire an interior designer to select materials, colors, textures, and finishes for the interior
  • Take these combined drawings to various contractors so they can review and bid on construction.
  • Contractors submit estimates for how long and how much it would cost to complete the project according to the drawings and designs submitted.
  • The homeowner then accepts the best bid and works with the contractor on completing the home remodeling project.

If you ever had to work this way, you know what a hassle it can be to coordinate all of these different parties and plans. The Design-Build remodeling process removes much of this hassle. Here at Acton ADU, we collaborate as designers, interior designers, and contractors—one coordinated design-build team, integrating these disciplines under one roof. This enables collaboration between all disciplines, saving you time and money as all the pre-construction services overlap with the design process.

2. The Design-Build Process Simplifies Remodeling

The build-design team creates the initial designs, working in-house with the people responsible for bringing those creative ideas to life. This dynamic means far fewer change orders during the home remodeling process. The old design-bid-build process was famous for triggering time-consuming and often expensive changes to original plans. When the design-build team works together, the original designs usually require far fewer changes.

Homeowners also benefit from lower operating costs. The shared overhead costs of the combined design-build team are lower; welcome savings passed on to the homeowner.

Also, having one point of accountability at the same design-build firm eliminates the headaches, wasted time and over-budget issues that come with conflicts and phone tag between multiple parties. When the entire design-build team works together, those conflicts are drastically minimized, making for a smoother, faster, more enjoyable process for everyone involved.

3. Another Essential Difference in The Design-Build Approach

When you work with a professional, experienced design-build team like Acton ADU, they work out every detail, flushing out your every need. They listen to what you say about your goals, learning everything there is to know about the scope of your home remodeling project. This goes beyond just listening to your direct requests—it involves reading your home and between the lines of your lifestyle. They’ll take time to learn how you use your space every day. They also ask a lot of questions:

  • How many family members live in your home?
  • How do you use this space?
  • How does traffic flow between these areas?
  • What is working about this space—and what isn’t?
  • What are your absolute must-haves?
  • What would be nice to have?
  • Does your space need to be child and/or pet-friendly?
  • Do you have aging parents or family members who need special accommodations?
  • What kind of entertaining do you do?
  • What color palette speaks to you the most?
  • What is your budget?

Before the first meeting, spend some time pondering these questions yourself and then discuss them with your design-build team. Initial budget discussions are essential to help your design-build firm built to your budget rather than the other way around.

Preparing for Your First Home Remodeling Meeting with Your Design-Build Firm

If now is the time for you to remodel your home, congratulations! Hiring a licensed, skilled design-build firm like Acton ADU in Campbell, CA is your first step on the path to a remodel that will improve the value, beauty, and functionality of your home.

Before the first meeting ponder the questions above, as well as the ones below. Your design team will work with you on planning and designing your space, helping you select finishes and details and help you achieve the dream space you desire. When homeowners come to this meeting prepared with these details, we find the collaboration process runs smoothly and gets started on the right foot:

1. Prepare Your Written Wish List

Break your wish list into two sections: the “Must-Haves” and the “Would-be-Nice-to-Haves”. Spend some time analyzing how you currently use the space against how you would like to improve the flow and use of that space. Discuss these issues with your design-build team. They will need to understand this in order to create the most functional and beautiful space possible, tailored to your needs and style preferences.

So, whether your project involves remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, adding a new accessory dwelling unit or changing any other aspect of your home design, the more specific and clear your wish list is, the better your design-build team can deliver on your remodeling project objectives while staying on time and within budget.

2. Create Idea Books

When you’re in a home remodeling frame of mind, your mental antennae are constantly scanning for potential design and style elements. This is one of the most fun and enjoyable parts of the remodeling process! Collecting paint chips, carpet swatches, and magazine clippings—or organizing your Pinterest boards or Houzz idea book can help you and your designer pull together the right elements that will make your remodeling project shine.

3. Prepare for the Budget Discussion

Be sure to work the numbers of your budget before sitting down with your design-build team for the first time. This will help them make the best recommendations that fit within that budget.

Acton ADU’s design-build team is knowledgeable about the best vendors and product lines that will get you the best materials and project outcome, all while staying within your budget.

Part of our job as a Design-Build company is to understand all the constraints. This includes problems we are trying to solve, budget, schedule, design goals, special considerations, quality requirements, etc. Once we have a full understanding of these parameters, we can make an assessment on the viability of the overall project. Based on these factors, we are in a position to make design recommendations that fall within these guidelines.

4. Prepare Questions to Ask Your Design-Build Team

In addition to the classic, “How much will it cost” and “How long will it take,” questions, we love it when our clients like to dig into deeper questions about their spaces. Ask for suggestions about optimizing space, selecting the right countertop material and choosing appliances. Ask us about concerns you have regarding structural, plumbing and electrical issues.

What If I Don’t Know What Design I Want?

That’s OK! As experts with a wealth of knowledge about residential design, design, style, and construction, we excel at helping homeowners identify what they like, don’t like and what suits the residential design of their home. As we discuss options, we can educate and guide you to the point where decision-making is a breeze.

A great design-build remodeling firm is passionate about the details, full of fresh ideas and understands that no two clients are alike. They also relish the opportunity to design creative solutions that speak directly to the needs and desires of their clients, making each element look like a natural extension of the home and not something just “tacked on”. Working with a design-build firm brings the best of all of these things together because collaboration is built into the process from the beginning. The client will be able to get what they asked for—meeting their budget, style, and functional desires.

Why Choose Acton ADU Instead of the Traditional Build-Bid-Design Process?

Acton ADU is truly a team—a team that works for you. Our clients are like family—building your ideal living space is a personal matter for us. We are there to guide you through each decision and then work to create a space that you will be thrilled to call home.

Whether your home remodeling project is a matter of appearance, design, functionality, privacy, sustainability, accessibility, safety or any other concern of importance to your family, Acton ADU’s design-build team is here for you. Contact us for a consultation today.

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