Detached Guest House Ideas in San Jose

You love having friends and family over to visit.

What you don’t love is having to share your home with them for extended periods of time. While you may have the space in your home, both you and your guests value privacy.

The solution is a detached guest house.

Detached guest houses are versatile. They’re perfect for hosting visiting friends and family. Guest houses can also work as temporary or long-term rentals.

If you have the space, why not add a guest house? Check out these amazing detached house ideas for your San Jose home.

What Is a Detached Guest House?

A detached guest house also gets by names such as an in-law suite, backyard home, or an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). These small dwellings are separate living spaces detached from your home. They exist separate from your house, often in the backyard.

Guest houses don’t have to be large or elaborate. Most appear as small homes consisting of a bedroom area, a half bath, and a kitchenette or mini-fridge.

Make your detached guest house more desirable by adding extra features such as a small living room, wifi, a porch, or even extra storage. These additions will allow your guest house to be more versatile for renting or hosting long term guests.

Guest houses can come in all shapes and designs ranging from contemporary styles to simple cottages.

The benefits are just as many. Besides having added privacy, you can use your detached guest house as a home office or a music studio. Some homeowners use their detached guest houses for rent to earn extra passive income.

Now let’s explore some great guest house ideas for your San Jose home.

The Contemporary Pool House

Does your home have a pool and an unused pool house? Transform your pool house into a luxurious and contemporary guest house.

This style guest house features an airy contemporary design with modern architecture and glass doors. Your guests need only walk a few short steps to take advantage of the nearby pool.

On warm nights or cool summery days, guests can throw open the doors and enjoy the mild weather.

When vacant, you can use this space as your own mini-getaway.

The Cozy Cottage

Who doesn’t enjoy the allure of a charming and cozy cottage?

Find inspiration from rustic cottages found along the East Coast and the English countryside. Large windows, French doors, and a porch area will give your cottage that cozy feel.

Surround the cottage with a lush garden appropriate to your climate. Those living in the San Jose area can add native plants like bushes, flowers, and native grasses.

Accent your garden with rocks and stones along with a path. Make it even more inviting by adding outdoor seating on the guest house patio.

A House Backyard Studio

A house with a detached guest studio can enjoy greater value, flow, and utility.

Add a guest house with designs based on your existing home. Use similar siding, colors, and accents to create a sense of continuity between your home, the guest house, and neighborhood

This guest house doesn’t need to be elaborate nor does it need to be an exact match to your home. A simple studio-style house will do the trick. This is also perfect for homeowners who have limited yard space.

Including plenty of natural light, makes the guest house feel open and airy, not to mention an outdoor patio with seating, a fire pit, and/or a table will really connect the studio to the yard. Your guests will love having the option to enjoy an outdoor seating area.

The Farmhouse

Do you love the look and feel of farmhouses? Incorporate country-style elements into your guest house. Think about sliding barn doors, a rustic wood stove, and prairie grid windows.

Incorporate light curtains and vintage-inspired lighting inside the house. Consider wooden furniture and bed frames.

Make the exterior just as inviting by adding a patio with mismatched outdoor furniture, string lighting, and vines. Complete the look and farm feel with potted plants and a nearby fire pit.

Detached Guest House and Garage

Do you have a large detached garage with more space than what you know what to do with? Large garages can make excellent guest houses.

Converting a garage into a nto a livable house can be a great option…

A Simple and Modern Studio

Those who prefer the look of a small and simple guest house can aim for a simple modern studio. This no-frills design features a small yet ergonomic living area large enough for a bed and maybe a small seating area.

What’s unique about a simple modern studio is you can make it equal parts interior and open patio with a covered roof. Guests will have the option to relax and enjoy the warm San Jose weather, even when it’s raining.

This simple studio should include plenty of large windows for plenty of natural light.

What To Know

Before you begin building a guest house, there are city permits and requirements you will need to follow.

Make the process as simple as possible by working with an experienced ADU design and construction company. They can help you design detached guest house plans to meet your area’s building codes and safety requirements.

ADU design companies have the skills and experience to help you create the perfect guest house for your needs and style preferences.

Design Your Guest House Today

Adding a detached guest house to your home provides many valuable benefits.

The right design boosts the value of your home while giving your guests a private space to stay. With the many design options available, there’s no limit on how you personalize your guest house.

Have questions or want to start creating a guest house on your property? Let us know! We’d love to make your guest house become a reality.

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