Guest House Plans

Guest House Plans: What Works and What Doesn’t

Did you know a guest house could boost the value of your home substantially?

But when it comes to guest house plans, not all designs are created equal. Yet when you’re sharing a bathroom with a family member, we understand how important it is to get your guest house plans done right. 

If you’re looking to add a small guest house to your home, you’ve come to the right place. From the details to the additional uses, we’ll go over what to try and what to avoid. Let’s see what guest house plans to skip and what you won’t want to forget.

Giving Your Guests Plenty of Privacy

When you have people over, you likely know how uncomfortable it is around the house at certain times. Whether it’s sharing a bathroom with your mother-in-law or your kitchen with your messy brother, space can get tight when you have a lot of guests.

When you’re coming up with a guest house plan, you want to remember how important privacy is. This is where an Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as an ADU, gives you a separate second living and sleeping space. You’ll have a second home that’s all for guests.

Between long-term and short-term guests, you need extra space with a private retreat for everyone. With small guest house plans, you can design a place built for every guest no matter how long they are with you. You’ll have bedrooms, a bathroom, a full kitchen, and more.

Give yourself and your guests a place they can go to when they need space. No more sharing a bathroom with grandpa or getting caught in your pajamas in the hallway. Guest houses give everyone the privacy they need.

Add Square Footage and Value to Your Home

When it comes to guest rooms in your home, it may surprise you to learn that they add value. While an extra bedroom also boosts your home’s value, in a small home, it doesn’t always translate to a ton of square footage. This is where a separate ADU guest house adds some major bang for your buck.

A guest house gives you more space, more bedrooms, another kitchen, and a whole house dedicated to guests. You’ll gain more room in your own home and can get an entire bedroom back. Guests get their own space and your home feels that much larger.

Keep in mind that you’re also gaining extra storage space, a spare bathroom, an extra fridge, and more space to use when you don’t have guests. This is a huge bonus that increases your living area as well as the value of your home.

Paying Attention to Detail

One mistake to avoid when designing your guest house is overlooking the small stuff. Those small details give your guest house that extra touch of home. Think about the things you love to see in a hotel, vacation rental, or when staying with friends.

The details are what make your guest house a second home. Think about splurging for nice bedding, nice towels, and high-quality bathroom items. These little luxuries will go a long way to make your guests feel pampered.

Treat guests to great bath towels, robes, slippers, and luxury bath products. Guests will love the way you make them feel at home. There are also key items you’ll want to keep stocked in the kitchen.

Make sure to have basic kitchen utensils, appliances, and staples included. This means dishes, silverware, cups, and all the necessities. Don’t forget extra blankets, pillows, and bedding to help guests get comfortable.

Small Guest House Plans With a Purpose

When you’re coming up with your plans for the guest house, consider all the other uses you’ll also gain. A guest house is a great opportunity to give your family the bonus space they need. You’ll have a second kitchen, another bathroom, and plenty of extra storage.

As you design your guest house, remember you may not have overnight guests for long periods of time. This is your chance to give yourself and your family some rec space if you need it. This is a huge addition of extra square footage to your home.

Your guest house is great when you need more storage and kitchen space for entertaining. When you don’t have guests your ADU may double as a home gym, an office, craft room, meeting space, or workspace.

You can still have a guest room with plenty of additional space for anything your family needs. From a pool house to a game room, the possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the different uses. Think about all the additional ways you’ll use your guest house when it isn’t in use.

Get Started on Your Guest House Plans Today

Whether you have guests coming on weekends or staying for years, you know how important a separate and private space is for guests. When it comes to designing your guest house plans, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. From the attention to detail to the additional uses for your space, these dos and don’ts are sure to make your guest house planning seamless.

If you’re ready to start designing your new guest house, fill out the contact form here. We specialize in ADU guest houses and more. Let us help you get the extra space you and your guests need.

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