How Much Does a Home Remodel Cost and How Long Does It Take?

If you’re like most homeowners looking to remodel your home, you are looking for a gauge of how much your renovation should cost and how long it should take. As a design/build remodeling firm, there are far too many factors that go into answering that question simply. It depends on the scope of work, material selections, age of home, etc.

However, Houzz recently published an article based on a 2016 Houzz & Home annual survey that gathered information from more than 120,000 registered users of Houzz, including more than 70,000 who renovated in 2015. Their responses provide insight into how your own renovation project might play out.

Some key takeaways: 1) Approach your project with a budget in mind, 2) renovation spending seems to correlate with your age (the older you are, the more likely you are to spend more), 3) Recent home buyers tend to do more, spend more and are more likely to hire professionals to help with their renovation project than other homeowners, 4) Homeowners are spending more on kitchen and bathroom remodels than other remodeling projects, 5) Most likely associated with the age of their home, homeowners are updating core functions like plumbing and electrical, and 6) Kitchens take the longest to renovate, averaging around five months, while closets are the shortest project, at about two and a half months.

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