A Guide to Accessory Dwelling Unit Floor Plans

The demand for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) is on the rise, and it may even offer a solution for more affordable housing. ADUs can provide a separate space for extended family members.

If you’re going to build an ADU, you have to know how to create an effective layout. The floor plan inside the building can make all the difference, turning a smaller space into a beautiful and efficient place to live. ADUs can provide as much living space as some apartments or condos, and with the right builder, they can be just as comfortable, if not more so.

We put this guide together on accessory dwelling unit floor plans so you can make the most of your investment.

A Note on Our Pre-Approved Plans

The plans for your ADU play a huge part in the permit process. Many Acton ADU plans have been pre-approved by the City of San Jose Building and Planning department. This means they meet code compliance, resulting in reduced permitting time. There are also many plans that are what we call Build-Ready, meaning that they have architectural sets ready to go and can greatly save time and money during the permitting process. However, that is only the case if no changes are made to the Build-Ready plans.

Ultimately, you’ll spend less time waiting around and have your ADU ready to go sooner.

We offer a variety of options, including one and two-bedrooms, different upgrades, storage features, and much more. Our Acton ADUs are personalized, so we’ll go over your needs and plans and the different choices open to you. You can also choose different interior design options or opt for premium upgrades.

One Bedroom Layouts

All types of ADUs must have a sleeping area, bath, and permanent kitchen.

A one-bedroom layout is ideal for one person or a couple living together. There is also the possibility of creating lofts as either extra storage space or an additional sleeping area.

The entryway should open into the living area. There should be enough room here for a couch or sofa and other small pieces of furniture such as accent chairs and coffee tables. You can also combine your dining space with the living area or kitchen.

It’s common to have the kitchen off the living area in or near the entryway as well. Kitchens in ADUs are also surprisingly spacious. Our kitchens are designed to be efficient, and many are larger and more functional than standard apartment kitchens.

You can have a bathroom off the living area, off a hallway near the bedrooms, or a private bath through the bedroom. You can also have up to two bathrooms. 

Two-Bedroom Layouts

Two-bedroom ADUs are ideal for multiple people or parents with children. As these structures tend to be larger, you have more room for storage. The front door can open into an entry area, perfect for an office nook. This layout helps divide the structure, making it feel more like a house.

Clever use of a kitchen island and barstools provides extra room for food prep as well as a dining area. Glass doors open into the yard space, bringing in natural light and also opening up the option of outdoor dining.

The washer and dryer can have a separate space, next to but outside of the bathroom.

Our two-bedroom structures have plenty of room for, providing storage and comfortable places to relax or work.

Personalized Builds

We’ll select your ADU house floor plan to suit your needs and style preferences so you know you’ll love it. And once that’s complete, you’ll have lots of interior options to choose from so your ADU is personalized. For instance, do you like the look of a modern, traditional, or transitional kitchen? Do you want your ADU to match the style and feel of your home?

You have options in the bathroom as well. You can go with a full shower or a corner shower to save space. You can also add upgrades such as a shower seat, heated light, tiled shower, and more.

Is storage important to you? We can add built-in shelving or opt for more closet space or even an office over a second bedroom.

Our ADUs are also designed to feel bright and welcoming. You can bring in natural light with sun tunnels or skylights. You can even add a porch for a personalized outdoor area.

Maximizing Small Spaces

The State of California says that an accessory dwelling unit is a self-contained residential unit that sits on the same lot as a family home. There are detached ADUs, attached ADUs, and conversions.

ADUs are smaller but must include sleeping areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and storage.

These structures are also known as granny flats, backyard cottages, in-law units, and so on. They’re as functional and efficient as apartments or condos and sometimes even larger than standard apartments. ADUs also offer a nice balance between privacy and proximity to the main residence.

They might be smaller than houses, but there are ways to maximize these spaces and make them feel welcoming and homey.

There are many ways to maximize a small space, including using color to differentiate areas. We design our ADUs to be optimally efficient, flexible, and offer privacy.

You can make an ADU house look larger with skylights and vaulted ceilings that create a premium look and feel.

Decorating Tips

In addition to the build, there are decorating tips that can help make the ADU look large and welcoming. Reflective materials help bounce light and create an airy space. White paint also makes a room or area look larger.

The best floor plans are flexible.

Pocket doors help create privacy without permanent separation, perfect for when guests or family members come over. Smaller, round dining tables create a dining area that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Alternatively, you could have seating at the kitchen island.

Mounting the TV in the living room frees up floor space and negates the need for a TV stand. You can also hide the TV if you prefer.

Choosing the Right Accessory Dwelling Unit Floor Plans

Let Acton ADU create a personalized build designed to fit your needs and a variety of living options. Our accessory dwelling unit floor plans are designed to be functional, efficient, and beautiful. We’ll Get you a floor plan to meet your goals, no matter how you plan to use your ADU.

Call today or speak with our ADU specialist to come up with a floor plan design.

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