Backyard Studio Apartment

How To Create the Perfect Backyard Studio Apartment

Since the pandemic, a whopping 59% of the American workforce is working from home. Many people are starting to feel the space crunch at home. With so many people spending more time working and hanging out at home, it’s never been a better time to create the ultimate backyard studio.

Whether you’re looking for extra space for guests, a new home office, a gym, or all the above, the possibilities for your new space are endless. From the layout to the uses, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about creating the perfect backyard studio. Let’s get planning.

Consider How You’ll Use the Studio Apartment

Before you create a backyard studio it’s important to consider how you’ll use it. Think about if this will be a space for guests, family, a recreation space, a place to work, work out, or rent for extra income. There are a ton of options available.

How you’ll use the apartment will affect the design, the apartment layout, and more. Give some thought to what you need out of the studio. The studio apartment could also be a flexible space used for many different purposes. And flexibility is the key.

A backyard studio is also known as an accessory dwelling unit or ADU. These are built in your backyard and can be used for a variety of purposes. 

Design Your Apartment Layout

As you start shopping for your apartment, give some thought to the layout. Your studio must include a kitchen, a bathroom, a place for sleeping, and storage. The layout of your space is entirely what you make it. Make it an office space to meet with clients, a place to take virtual calls, a space to work out, or a room for guests. An ADU gives you the extra space you need.

With flexible options, there’s a layout and design for everyone. The best part about an ADU is the options are so flexible. There’s a layout to fit your style, wants, and budget.

Create a Backyard Studio to Maximize Your Office Space

A backyard studio is a great option for a home office. With so many people working from home, your main house can start to feel a bit crowded. Between partners, spouses, and kids coming in and out, it’s difficult to share your home and your office space.

An ADU gives you the option to create the office space you need. You can have an entire dedicated studio just for your office. Create a workstation, meet with clients, use it as a design, art, music production studio, and more.

If you meet with massage clients, physical therapy patients, counseling patients, or interior design clients, for example, you can take meetings or have sessions in your studio. Instead of using your main home, you now have a separate, professional-looking space. These also make great tutoring or home school spaces.

Upgrade Your Backyard with the Ultimate Hangout Space

If you need a little extra room in your home to hang out, a backyard studio is a great option. With a full kitchen and a bathroom, you can entertain, host guests, and prepare food right in your backyard. 

For teenagers, this is a great spot to call their own. You know they are safe in your yard, and they get a private space to hang with their friends. Make it a gaming room, a place for darts, a game of pool, and more.

If you have a pool in your yard, these will also make a great pool house. Your guests will have an extra restroom and you’ll have a place to store drinks and snacks. There is also plenty of storage for the pool and outdoor gear.

On the patio, you can enjoy lunch or a drink without ever stepping foot in your main home. With a full bedroom and bathroom, guests can also use your new pool house to stay over.

Give Yourself and Guests Extra Living Space

If you have parents or in-laws who stay for extended periods of time, a backyard studio is a great option. Your guests will have their own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more to keep them comfortable. The best part is that you’ll both have your own separate living spaces.

If you need a more permanent home for aging parents, a backyard studio is a great solution. They will have the independence of having their own home while you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are safe.

Studios allow people with limited mobility to move around with ease. There’s no fear of stairs, falling, or tripping. It’s also a great size. Your parents won’t have a large home to upkeep and maintain.

For guests, it’s a lifesaver to have an extra space they can call their own. When friends and family come to stay, you’ll have a place they can sleep and hang out with privacy. Guests will love having their own room, bathroom, and kitchen while staying with you.

Start Building Your Backyard Studio Today

If you’re ready to start building your backyard studio, you’ve come to the right place. We have layouts and options to suit every need and every budget. Financing is also available to help make your new ADU affordable.From workspaces to guest spaces, the possibilities and uses are endless when it comes to backyard studios. To learn more about our backyard studio options, fill out the contact form here. Let’s start building.

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