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The A to Z of Accessory Dwelling Unit Design

We all know that architecture trends come and go. But with the construction boom occurring across the country come some exciting designs that we think have the potential to stand the test of time.

One such trend is accessory dwelling unit design, also known as ADU. These structures were commonplace in the past, but with tightening zoning laws became restricted over time.

They are coming back in vogue due to the lack of affordable housing across the U.S. For many homeowners, building in ADU design into their floor plan will be just the ticket.

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What Is an ADU?

ADUs are independent dwelling units that are located on the same property as the main or detached house. They are used as a means to create extra space on the property. This space can be used in a variety of different ways.

Some homeowners use their ADU as a crash pad for their kids off in college. It is also a place adults children can stay in when they visit. Otherwise, it is the perfect “granny flat” for older adults and aged loved ones.

ADUs are all about making your home and property work for you and your unique needs. ADUs will be there for your friends, work-from-home needs, or to act as an extra studio or bedroom space.

In addition, ADUs add value to your property which will reap income for years to come. You’ll have greater resale value if you plan to sell in the future.

You could also rent out your ADU to generate passive income. 

Thus, there are many ways you can utilize this versatile, designed space!

ADU Design Ideas

There are so many ways you can use your ADU. You might be feeling stumped for some ideas to start with. We break down some of our favorite ADU design ideas that you can implement today in the section below. 

Mother-in-Law Suite

As the American population ages, the question of aging in place will become considerably more critical. ADUs allow your senior loved ones to enjoy their privacy and independence.

But you’ll still be able to carry out your caregiving responsibilities and keep them close.

When planning your attached accessory dwelling unit designs for seniors, be sure to implement accessible design features. These can include windows that are easy to open and close, non-slip flooring, grab bars and handles along stairways and washrooms, as well as wide passageways for mobile device access.

Guest House

Love having guests over? Well, you may not want them in your private space 24×7! 

That’s where ADUs come in. You’ll have your guests close by — but not too close. The best part is, with a dedicated space for guests, you’ll be able to reserve a space that makes them feel special.

Opt for a consistent design strategy throughout your guest space. This way, your guests will feel you put as much thought into their space as you did the main home.

Staycation Getaway

We all need a break every once in a while. Why not let the space on your property work for you?

Creating a luxury ADU is a great solution. Set up your space with all the features you love when you visit hotels or luxury properties.

You could add a meditation room, office, jacuzzi, or even set up a spa-like bathroom with towel warmers and heated floors!

Accessory Dwelling Unit Design Features

The great thing about ADUs is that you can exercise great creativity with them. Personalized builds also allow you to add your unique charm and personality to your space.

At the same time, most ADUs have standard features that make them shine.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common elements to be found in ADUs:

  • Size limits: The size of your ADU will be governed by the municipality laws in your city — but they are typically smaller than detached houses
  • Standard amenities: A fitted out kitchenette and washroom are a must for an ADU with space for a studio bed (although manyADUs also have separate bedrooms)
  • Decks: Adding in a deck is a great way to use your square footage towards growing vegetables or as a social space for mingling
  • Storage: You can never have enough storage! Adequate closet space is another built-in design feature to consider
  • Utilities: Most homeowners hook up their ADUs with electric, wiring, water, and other utilities from the main house (this also saves on utility bills and lengthy installation times and costs).
  • Safety: Getting in the pros to design your space will be important in ensuring your area is safe to live in and is following all code and zoning regulations

Integrating these basics into your space will come in handy. It will mean fewer headaches down the line, as well as an area that is fully functioning in its own right. You’ll also be investing in the value of your property tangibly.

ADU Design Plans Are Full of Potential

Whether you’re a design enthusiast or simply a homeowner looking to make the biggest bang for your buck — you can’t go wrong with an accessory dwelling unit design.

Every house needs an attached ADU — it is simply a must-have. And your perfect ADU isn’t far away. At Acton ADU, we specialize in creating your ideal ADU to turn those construction dreams into reality.

Be sure to contact our specialist team for more information today!

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