Image courtesy of Igor Bastidas

This New York Times Opinion piece claims the housing market is definitely changing and we wholeheartedly agree. The multigenerational living trend is real, and so is California’s unrelenting housing shortage. While building a new Next Gen home is an exciting trend giving rise to the new American Dream Home, so is the California landscape that is relaxing ADU restrictions on existing properties.

Consequently, accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are giving families the flexible living space they need without having to move out of their neighborhood. This is incredibly beneficial to families who have the square footage and wherewithal to accommodate an aging parent, young adult who can’t yet afford to buy their own home, or a much needed functional living space such as an office, game room, man cave, etc.

Agreed. Today’s American dream home has transcended into one that you never have to leave—one that is being designed to grow with your family’s changing needs, and the generations that follow. As land becomes increasingly scarce and space increasingly valuable, we are learning how to build more efficiently. And, as homes become smaller, with rooms that need to serve multiple purposes, space planning becomes more and more critical. This is exactly what Acton ADU is exceptional at.