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Top 5 ADU Floor Plans to Maximize Space & Which is Best For You

You have an investment opportunity right in your backyard. An accessory dwelling unit can be an investment for your family and your future.

An ADU provides more living space and endless possibilities to create the space your home needs. A guesthouse, an in-law-suite, an art studio, or a home office are only some of your options.

After thorough research, you may know exactly what you want to do with your ADU. But after looking at ADU floor plans, you may be overwhelmed with choices.

These five-floor plan ideas can help you maximize your ADU to get the exact kind of space you need.

1. For a Guest Space

Whether it’s for a long-term or short-term stay, you want your guests to feel comfortable in your home. Unfortunately, not every home has a dedicated space to give guests privacy. But, in an ADU, guests can have all the privacy they need.

ADU house floor plans feature ample space for guests to spread out and enjoy themselves while they visit. These plans can have everything the main house has but on a smaller scale.

For smaller homes, an open floor plan gives the feeling of more space. Look for ADU floor plans that have open concept living spaces. A small kitchenette and a dining space will make the ADU feel like home.

Have at least one bedroom to maximize guests’ comfort. A bathroom with access from the living space is necessary, but consider adding a second door to the bedroom.

Making your ADU feel like a small home is ideal for a guest space. A separate guest home will protect their privacy and yours.

2. For a Home Office

Working from home has become much more common. However, if you don’t have a hybrid or remote job, a home office is still a good addition. You’ll have a dedicated space to work, handle bills, taxes, finances, or maybe side projects.

A home office can also be a great space to run a small or side business. An accessory dwelling unit gives you the separation of work and home. A home office can keep you organized and focused on tasks.

With ADU office floor plans, you have the opportunity to personalize this space to your needs, depending on the kind of work you wish to do in your home office.

A standard home office can have an open space that allows for a desk, bookshelves, storage, and seating. You may also want to add a bathroom, so you don’t have to go back to the main house.

3. For an Art Studio

Art may be a hobby or a side business for you. But no matter why you do it, every artist knows that creating takes space. You have to store supplies, have a space for finished work, and a space to make your art.

An art studio floor plan should feature a wide-open space that allows you to fit all the equipment you need. Potters wheels, drawing tables, and painting easels all need ample space around them.

You’ll also want to have space for storing materials and tools. You’ll want this to be out of the way of your working space. A preparation area with counters and a sink is also good for all art mediums. Add a bathroom, so you don’t have to step away from your work.

If you do art as a small or side business, you may also want to create an office space to manage the business side. A space to package orders may also be helpful for side or small businesses.

4. For an Investment Property

Are ADUs a good investment? In the long term, ADUs can be a great way to earn passive income and greatly increase the value of your home. You can create an investment property in your backyard that can generate value over time.

If you choose to sell your home in the future, an investment property can add value. A smaller home in an ADU provides a flexible space for homeowners to use as they please.

You can also use your ADU as an investment property by allowing other people to pay to live there. Students and young couples are always looking for affordable places to live in the heart of the city.

Allowing someone to live in your ADU can create a stream of revenue outside of your career. You’ll be guaranteed to earn a certain amount of passive income each month.

5. For Extended Living Space

You may want to use your ADU to extend your living space. Create a space for the entire family to use or give yourself an oasis. An ADU can extend the living space in your home.

The ADU floor plan you choose for an extended living space depends on how you want to use the structure. Two features you should always consider for your ADU are a kitchenette and a bathroom. These will allow your ADU to feel like a complete living space no matter how you use it.

Use your ADU as a theatre to host movie nights for your friends and family. Or have a personal retreat that only you’re allowed in. Create a kid and teen hangout space to allow your children to have a place to entertain their friends.

5 ADU Floor Plans That Maximize Your Home

If you’re looking to add more space to your home but don’t want to do a traditional renovation, an accessory dwelling unit might be the answer. An ADU can provide you with more space and the opportunity to personalize it to your needs.

With so many ADU floor plans out there, you may feel spoiled for choice. Are you wondering how to choose an ADU floor plan? Ultimately, you want to choose the one that provides the maximum benefits to your home and lifestyle. Use these floor plan ideas to spark creativity.

Acton ADU is dedicated to partnering with homeowners to create truly unique accessory dwelling units. Our building and design experts are excited to work with you! Contact our ADU specialists today!

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