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Explore Menlo Park ADU Regulations for Homeowners

Embark on your Menlo Park ADU journey with ease, guided by Acton ADU’s expertise. Our guide simplifies the complex regulations of Menlo Park, offering clear insights into zoning, permits, and more. We’re dedicated to making your ADU development understandable and manageable, ensuring a smooth path to enhancing your home in Menlo Park.

Crafting the Ideal ADU in Menlo Park

Building an ADU in Menlo Park is an art that combines compliance with creativity. Our team at Acton ADU excels in blending these elements, ensuring that your ADU not only meets Menlo Park’s regulations but also reflects your personal style. We focus on essential elements such as efficient use of space, innovative design, and sustainable building practices, creating an ADU that is both compliant and captivating.

Personalized ADU Solutions in Menlo Park

Every Menlo Park home is unique, and so should be its ADU. At Acton ADU, we believe in personalized solutions rather than one-size-fits-all plans. Whether you’re looking for modern efficiency or classic charm, we’ll help you explore a range of ADU designs that resonate with your Menlo Park home’s character. Our team is ready to guide you in selecting a plan that is not only compliant but also complements your lifestyle.

Expertise and Excellence in Menlo Park ADU Construction

Building your ADU in Menlo Park requires a partner who understands both the local landscape and the nuances of fine construction. Acton ADU is that partner. We pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of Menlo Park’s building codes and our dedication to excellence in craftsmanship. This section will introduce you to our approach, highlighting our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in every ADU project.

Begin a New Chapter with Your Menlo Park ADU

Family life is full of choices, and one of the most difficult is deciding where to live. If you’re like most people, you want a safe neighborhood with good schools for the kids, but you also want to be close to job opportunities and near friends and family. And, of course, you want to be able to afford your dream home and have all your loved ones close by. Adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on your property can help make those dreams a reality.

Turn the page and start a new chapter in your Menlo Park home story with Acton ADU. We’re not just building ADUs; we’re creating spaces for life’s new beginnings. Contact us today to explore how we can transform your property with a bespoke ADU, tailored to your needs and aspirations in Menlo Park.


The Construction of an ADU

Getting a high quality ADU built is no simple task. The process of planning and building an ADU in Menlo Park, CA has its challenges, but also has tremendous rewards. We endeavor to make it as simple for you as possible. Here is a brief description of how it works:

  • The first step in establishing whether your project meets the requirements for an ADU is to validate it. To ensure your property conforms to all rules, we’ll inspect it. Answer the question of what can actually be built on your property legally.
  • We’ll work with you to personalize your ADU. There are numerous pre-designed layouts available that can be used right out of the box or tweaked to your needs. There are also many interior packages to choose from, with a variety of design options.
  • Once designed, we’ll acquire your ADU permit and then start building your ADU.Our experienced craftsmen will begin ADU construction to the exact specifications.

The Acton ADU procedure is intended to be straightforward. To ensure that your ADU in Menlo Park, CA, is exactly what you’ve envisioned, we’ll work directly with you at every stage. To start working on your project right now, get in touch with us!


Your ADU Contractors Menlo Park, CA

Acton ADU, operates in Menlo Park, CA as well as many other cities in the Bay Area. We have a group of knowledgeable experts who can work with you to design and construct the best ADU for your requirements. We also understand the applicable code requirements and can secure the required permissions for your project.

Adding an ADU can increase your home’s living space, potential income, and value. An ADU may be used for any purpose you can think of, such as a guest house or a home office. You might utilize additional space on your Menlo Park, CA, property that would otherwise go unused by adding an ADU. Call Acton ADU right away to get started!

Questions about ADUs in Menlo Park? Inquire Below
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Get All the ADU Zoning & Regulation Details

CITY OR COUNTYMenlo Park, California
DATE UPDATED11/14/2020
ZONINGAttached or Interior ADUs: Attached or interior ADUs which do not exceed one thousand (1,000) square feet or fifty percent (50%) of an existing primary dwelling, whichever is greater, and have no more than two (2) bedrooms are a permitted use in all zoning districts which allow single-family, multifamily or mixed use which permits residential use.

Detached ADUs: Detached ADUs which do not exceed one thousand (1,000) square feet and have no more than two (2) bedrooms are a permitted use in all zoning districts which allow single-family, multifamily or mixed use which permits residential use

JADUS: permitted in all single-family districts.
TYPES OF ADUSAttached, Detached
MAXIMUM ADU FLOOR AREAAttached or interior ADU: May not exceed fifty percent (50%) of an existing primary home or 1,000 sq.ft., whichever is greater.
Detached: 1,000 sq.ft.
LOT COVERAGEAn ADU may exceed the total floor area and/or building coverage applicable to the parcel by up to eight hundred (800) square feet provided the ADU is built concurrently with, or after, the existing or proposed primary unit and other structures on site
STORAGENo min/max
KITCHENRequire separate kitchen facilities (permanent range, counters, refrigerator, sink).

A JADU shall include cooking facility with appliances and a food preparation counter and storage cabinets that are of reasonable size in relation to the size of the JADU.
BATHMax 1 bathroom.

JADU: The bathroom may be shared with the primary dwelling or may be separate (if separate it counts towards five hundred (500) square feet).

Note: Drainage and sewer connections should be assessed on a project by project basis.
PARKINGAn ADU must provide one (1) off-street parking space. The parking space may be covered or uncovered, in any configuration and may be located in the front, side or rear setback

If off-street parking is removed to allow for an ADU in a single-family district, the on-site parking need not be replaced

 If the garage is converted to an ADU, no replacement parking for the primary dwelling in a single-family district is required

No parking for the ADU is required if the ADU is
–Located within one-half (1/2) mile walking distance of public transit
–Located within an architecturally and historically significant historic district
–An interior ADU;
–Not eligible for on-street parking permits, but on-street permits are available
–Within one (1) block of a car share vehicle
SETBACKSAttached: 4’ side and rear requirements
Detached: 4’ side and rear for less than 800 sq.ft.
A detached ADU greater than eight 800 sq.ft. in size shall meet the side setback applicable to the primary dwelling and not encroach into a 10’ rear yard setback.

No setbacks shall be required for ADU conversions of (1) existing living space in the primary dwelling, (2) accessory buildings constructed in the same location and to the same dimensions, (3) attached or detached garages in single-family neighborhoods

Note: Fire Department regulations should be assessed on a project by project basis.
HEIGHTAttached: must comply with daylight plane requirements and cannot exceed primary residence of underlying zoning district

Detached up to 800 sq.ft: 16’, exempt from daylight plan requirements

Detached greater than 800 sq.ft.: 17’ and must comply with the daylight plane that shall begin at a horizontal line 9 feet, 6 inches above the average natural grade at a line 3 feet from the side property lines and shall slope inwards at a 45 degree angle. There are no permitted intrusions into the daylight plane. “Average natural grade” means the average of the highest and lowest points of the natural grade of the portion of the lot directly below a line 3 feet from the side property line
DESIGNColors, materials, textures and residential design similar to main dwelling; must comply with all applicable development regulations for zoning district and building code requirements.

Note: Historic Neighborhoods or Districts should be assessed on a project by project basis.
RESOURCES>> Menlo Park, CA City Website
>> Menlo Park, CA City Housing Element Updates
>> Menlo Park, CA Post Offices

Important Note: Rules and regulations are updated and changed frequently. It’s one of our jobs to be up to speed and navigate those regulations. Let us know if our website isn’t up to date or if you have any information that could help. Cheers!


Considering an ADU in Menlo Park, CA? It’s a great way to enhance living space and boost property value. With Acton ADU, you’re partnering with experts who bring your vision to life. From design to construction, we’re with you every step of the way. Reach out today to explore the possibilities.