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ADU in Morgan Hill, CA

You might grow closer as a family if you all reside in the same home. However, it can be challenging to maintain that closeness when your family develops and everyone starts to need their own space. An ADU (accessory dwelling unit) may offer your family the perfect solution. Morgan Hill, CA is one of the states setting the bar high for ADU development.

If your family is like many others, you can encounter financial difficulty as it grows. An ADU can provide much-needed additional living space for grown children who are still living at home, aging parents who need care, or other relatives who want to live nearby. You can help maintain peace and harmony in your family by giving everyone their own place.


The Construction of an ADU

Getting a high quality ADU built is no simple task. The process of planning and building an ADU in Morgan Hill, CA, has its challenges, but also has tremendous rewards. We endeavor to make it as simple for you as possible. Here is a brief description of how it works:

  • The first step in establishing whether your project meets the requirements for an ADU is to validate it. To ensure your property conforms to all rules, we’ll inspect it. Answer the question of what can actually be built on your property legally.
  • We’ll work with you to personalize your ADU. There are numerous pre-designed layouts available that can be used right out of the box or tweaked to your needs. There are also many interior packages to choose from, with a variety of design options.
  • Once designed, we’ll acquire your ADU permit and then start building your ADU. Our experienced craftsmen will begin ADU construction to the exact specifications.

The Acton ADU procedure is intended to be straightforward. To ensure that your ADU in Morgan Hill, CA, is exactly what you’ve envisioned, we’ll work directly with you at every stage. To start working on your project right now, get in touch with us!


Your ADU Contractors in Morgan Hill, CA

Acton ADU, operates in Morgan Hill, CA, as well as many other cities in the Bay Area. We have a group of knowledgeable experts who can work with you to design and construct the best ADU for your requirements. We also understand the applicable code requirements and can secure the required permissions for your project.

Adding an ADU can increase your home’s living space, potential income, and value. An ADU may be used for any purpose you can think of, such as a guest house or a home office. You might utilize additional space on your Morgan Hill, CA, property that would otherwise go unused by adding an ADU. Call Acton ADU right away to get started!

Questions about ADUs in Morgan Hill? Inquire Below
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  • Detached
  • Junior

Get All the ADU Zoning & Regulation Details

CITY OR COUNTYMorgan Hill, California
DATE UPDATED11/15/2020
ZONINGRE 1, RE 2.5, RE 10, plus others. Junior only permitted in single-family zoning.
TYPES OF ADUSAttached, Detached, Junior
MAXIMUM ADU FLOOR AREARE 10: 1,200 sq. ft.

RE 2.5: 1,000 sq. ft.

RE 1: 900 sq. ft., 1,000 sq.ft. for 2 bedroom

All other zoning districts: 850 sq. ft. for 1 bedroom, 1,000 sq.ft. for 2 bedroom

Attached ADUs shall not exceed 30% of existing living area
LOT COVERAGEMust follow requirements established by the zoning district in which lot is located.
STORAGENo min/max
KITCHENFull for attached/detached
efficiency for Junior.
BATHMust provide separate sanitation facilities.
Junior: May be shared with primary residence.
SEWAGE/UTILITIESIn areas where septic tank disposal systems are allowed due to lack of sanitary sewer lines, detached accessory dwelling units shall be served by separate and independent septic tank sewage disposal systems. All leach lines shall be designed and installed in accordance with current septic system requirements of the Santa Clara County Environmental Health Services

In other areas of the city, accessory dwelling units shall be connected to the sanitary sewer system through the existing lateral line serving the primary dwelling unit

For accessory units within an existing primary dwelling, garage, or other accessory structure, the city shall not require an applicant to install a new or separate utility connection directly between the accessory unit and the utility or impose a related connection fee or capacity charge

Note: Drainage and sewer connections should be assessed on a project by project basis.
PARKINGOn-site parking spaces is not required for junior accessory dwelling units

Except as specified in this subsection, on-site parking for accessory dwelling units shall comply with all parking requirements in chapter 18.72 (parking and loading)

In addition to on-site parking spaces required for the primary dwelling unit, one on-site parking spaces shall be provided for each accessory dwelling unit per unit or bedroom, whichever is less

On-site parking spaces for accessory dwelling units may be covered or uncovered and may be located within the front, side or rear setback areas (may be tandem)

No off-street parking is required for an accessory dwelling unit in the following cases:
– The accessory dwelling unit is located within one-half mile walking distance of public transit
–The accessory dwelling unit is located within a National Register Historic District or other historic district officially designated by the city council
–When an accessory dwelling unit is constructed within the primary residence or an accessory structure
–When on-street parking permits are required but not offered to the occupant of the accessory dwelling unit
–When there is a car share vehicle pick-up/drop-off location within one block of the accessory dwelling unit
SETBACKSA minimum setback of four feet from the side and rear property lines is required for an accessory dwelling unit sixteen feet in height or less

An accessory dwelling unit in excess of sixteen feet shall comply with setback requirements of the applicable zoning district

No setback is required for an accessory dwelling unit constructed in the same location and the same footprint as an existing accessory structure

No setback is required for an existing accessory structure or living area as defined by Government Code Section 65852.2 that is converted to an accessory dwelling unit

Note: Fire Department regulations should be assessed on a project by project basis.
HEIGHTNo higher than primary dwelling.
REAR YARD COVERAGEMust follow requirements established by the zoning district in which lot is located.
DESIGNThe design of accessory units shall be compatible with the design and scale of the primary dwelling (using substantially the same landscaping, color, materials and design on the exterior) and the general character of the neighboring residential properties
Note: Historic Neighborhoods or Districts should be assessed on a project by project basis.
RESOURCES>> Morgan Hill, CA City Website
>> Morgan Hill, CA City Housing Element Updates
>> Morgan Hill, CA Post Offices
SOURCE CODEhttps://library.municode.com/ca/morgan_hill/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=TIT18ZO_DIVIZOCO_CH18.84ACDWUN
Important Note: Rules and regulations are updated and changed frequently. It’s one of our jobs to be up to speed and navigate those regulations. Let us know if our website isn’t up to date or if you have any information that could help. Cheers!


Considering an ADU in Morgan Hill, CA? It’s a great way to enhance living space and boost property value. With Acton ADU, you’re partnering with experts who bring your vision to life. From design to construction, we’re with you every step of the way. Reach out today to explore the possibilities.