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ADU in Newark, CA

As the world changes and housing becomes more expensive, families are finding it harder to live near one another. This can be a real problem for families who want to maintain close relationships with their loved ones. Or for families that want to provide care for their elders. However, ADUs (accessory dwelling units) can offer a solution. ADUs are small living spaces that can be attached or detached from the primary residence on the property. They can be used as a home for an elderly relative, a young adult who is just starting out on their own, or even as a rental unit to generate income. Best of all, they allow families to live close to one another without sacrificing privacy or independence.

ADUs are often used as guest quarters, mother-in-law apartments, or rental units. However, they can also be a great solution for families who need extra space but want to stay put. For example, a family with young children might use an ADU as a playroom or homeschooling area. An ADU can also be a great solution for empty nesters who want to downsize but still have room for out-of-town guests. ADUs can also be an excellent solution for families who need extra space. For example, an ADU can be turned into a “she-shed” – a private retreat where mom can enjoy some peace. Or, it can be converted into a “man cave” – a place for dad to relax. ADUs in Newark, CA, are becoming an increasingly popular option for families who want to stay connected.


The Construction of an ADU

Getting a high quality ADU built is no simple task. The process of planning and building an ADU in Newark, CA, has its challenges, but also has tremendous rewards. We endeavor to make it as simple for you as possible. . Here is a brief description of how it works:

  • The first step in establishing whether your project meets the requirements for an ADU is to validate it. To ensure your property conforms to all rules, we’ll inspect it. Answer the question of what can actually be built on your property legally.
  • We’ll work with you to personalize your ADU.. There are numerous pre-designed layouts available that can be used right out of the box or tweaked to your needs. There are also many interior packages to choose from, with a variety of design options.
  • Once designed, we’ll acquire your ADU permit and then start building your ADU.Our experienced craftsmen will begin ADU construction to the exact specifications.

The Acton ADU procedure is intended to be straightforward. To ensure that your ADU in Newark, CA, is exactly what you’ve envisioned, we’ll work directly with you at every stage. To start working on your project right now, get in touch with us!


Your ADU Contractors in Newark, CA

Acton ADU, operates in Newark, CA, as well as many other cities in the Bay Area. We have a group of knowledgeable experts who can work with you to design and construct the best ADU for your requirements. We also understand the applicable code requirements and can secure the required permissions for your project.

Adding an ADU can increase your home’s living space, potential income, and value. An ADU may be used for any purpose you can think of, such as a guest house or a home office. You might utilize additional space on your Cupertino, CA, property that would otherwise go unused by adding an ADU. Call Acton ADU right away to get started!

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Get All the ADU Zoning & Regulation Details

CITY OR COUNTYNewark, California
DATE UPDATED11/05/2022
ZONINGSingle family residential: allowed on all lots zoned for residential uses – RS, RL, RM, RH, CMU
Multi family residential: Allowed on all lots zoned for residential uses – RL, RM, RH, CMU
TYPES OF ADUSJADU, ADU – Conversion, Attached, Detached
STORIESADUs are limited to 16 feet in height and an ADU above that height is subject to the City’s Design Review process through the Planning Division prior to applying for a building permit
LOT SIZENo min/max, but must be located only within the area of the lot allowed for the principal residence as established by the underlying zoning district.
b. ADU conversion: less than 1 bedroom: 850 sf; more than 1 bedroom: 1000 sq ft 
c. Detached: Lot <10,000 sf: 1,000 sf; lot bigger than 10,000 sf: 1,200 sf 
d. Attached: 800 or 50% of the primary dwelling unit, whichever is larger

Multi family: 
a. ADU conversion: less than 1 bedroom: 850 sq ft; more than 1 bedroom: 1000 sq ft 
b. Detached: 1200 sq ft
LOT COVERAGEMust maintain consistency with zoning requirements designated for the lot.
BEDROOMThere are no limitations on the number of bedrooms→ bedrooms must conform to standard building code requirements such as minimum size and minimum window egress requirements
STORAGENo min/max
KITCHENFull kitchen 
JADU: Efficiency kitchen
BATHADUs require separate bathroom facilities.
JADUs may include a bathroom or may share a bathroom with principal residence.
Note: Drainage and sewer connections should be assessed on a project by project basis.
PARKINGSingle family: 
ADU conversion; detached; attached: 1; No parking required if the project site is within 0.5-mile walking distance of public transit; Replacement parking not required for a garage conversion ADU

Multi family: 
ADU conversion/ detached: 1; No parking required if the project site is within 0.5-mile walking distance of public transit; Replacement parking not required for a garage conversion ADU
SETBACKSAttached and detached: minimum of 4 ft rear & side 
Note: Fire Department regulations should be assessed on a project by project basis.
HEIGHTADUs are limited to the height limitation applicable to the primary residence
LOCATIONSingle Family:
JADU: Contained entirely within the existing walls of an existing or proposed primary residence 
ADU conversion: N/A 
Attached/detached: Cannot be placed in the front of the existing or proposed primary dwelling unit.
REAR YARD COVERAGEMust maintain consistency with zoning requirements designated for the lot.
DESIGNADU shall incorporate architectural features, building materials and colors, window and door trims, and roof pitch to compliment the primary residence 
outside stairways to the ADU shall not be in the front of the principal residence 
a second story addition for ADU that is taller than 16 ft shall require Design review 
Note: Historic Neighborhoods or Districts should be assess on a project by project basis.
ENTRYWAYSA separate exterior entrance on the side or rear of the principal residence that does not face a public street. An outside stairway to an ADU above the ground floor shall not be located in the front of the principal residence.  
RESOURCES>> Newark, CA City Website
>> Newark, CA City Housing Element Updates
>> Newark, CA Post Offices
SOURCE CODECity of Newark Information Summary

Important Note: Rules and regulations are updated and changed frequently. It’s one of our jobs to be up to speed and navigate those regulations. Let us know if our website isn’t up to date or if you have any information that could help. Cheers!


Considering an ADU in Newark, CA? It’s a great way to enhance living space and boost property value. With Acton ADU, you’re partnering with experts who bring your vision to life. From design to construction, we’re with you every step of the way. Reach out today to explore the possibilities.