Accessory Dwelling Units: Finding Alternative Senior Living For Your Loved Ones

Are you thinking of moving an elderly family member of yours to an assisted living home? Before you do anything hasty and have your special relative live with virtual strangers, why not check out Acton ADU? Learn more about how Acton ADU can help you and your family live closer and save the stress of moving your family member to an expensive assisted living home.

Alternatives to Assisted Living for Seniors

When an elderly parent or grandparent needs more care than you and your home living situation can provide, people usually turn to assisted living home for these seniors. What is another way you care for them without having to squeeze them into your tiny house? Well, look no further than an ADU. Here at Acton ADU, we can create an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) for your older relative that will have them happier than if they lived in an assisted living home.

Benefits of Accessory Dwelling Units

Multigenerational living families often suffer from lack of space to fit all their family members in, so we pride ourselves in creating specially crafted ACU’s that will benefit everyone in the family. People want to take care of their elderly parents or grandparents but might not have the space to create a new bathroom and bedroom in your house. However, by taking advantage of Acton ADU, you can have us build your special family member their very own small home to live in near your own family housing. They can have their private bathroom, living area, and bedroom to make their own instead of reorganizing your house. So, why not give them the stability of having you near and also having a place they can call their own?

Safe, Comfortable, and Independent Space for Aging Family

Why go through all the expensive and mentally taxing stress of moving your elderly family member to some strange place at an assisted living home. Over a period of time, using our business will be less expensive and emotionally taxing on both you and your older relative. However, the best part of all is the safe and comfortable environment of having their own home can have while still being close to you.

Moving your family member all the way across town or hours away from your home might also cause a rift between you that wasn’t there before. By having a smaller house nearby, you and your older family member can still keep the family unit connected and ensure that they are being safe from those who might take advantage of them in their assisted living home.

Plus, let’s face it, your elderly family member will love the independence of having a home all to themselves while also feeling safe with you living nearby. It will allow them to be a happier version of themselves than the one who might get lonely and depressed when they are faced with living in a place that has no one they know around.

If you live in or around Saratoga, CA, why not give Acton ADU a call to see how much it would cost you to have your very own home for your loved one. Our prices vary with each home so give us a call today to see what our prices are for your situation. Don’t wait any longer, because giving both of you this chance will better than the alternative!

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