Multigenerational Living: Utilizing Accessory Dwelling Units

Thinking of the family housing situation, it is ever-changing. Those who need to have their grandmother, mother, or another relative move into their family home might have to face some struggles and stress of figuring out how to make the room and maintaining privacy. However, there is another alternative to consider. Acton ADU can help you and your family build an accessory dwelling unit for your elderly loved one. Learn more about the benefits ADU can have for your family today.

The Hidden Value of ADUs

Do you know what ADUs are? Accessory dwelling units are small homes that can be added to your existing property. They can also add value to your property, which is an added bonus for those who might end up selling their home. Having one of these built on your property can also save you money on having your loved one spend too much money on assisted living homes where your loved ones are too far away from you. However, an ADU can allow them to stay in your backyard and close by your side.

Benefits of Multigenerational Living Spaces

People want the best care for their loved ones. So, when they get too old to care for themselves without some supervision, having them live with you is one alternative people think about when it comes to taking care of your relative. However, having a loved one live with you can create rifts between those living in the household. Privacy isn’t always easy when you have so many people crammed into your house that wasn’t meant for an extra person.

Therefore, having Acton ADU build a multigenerational living space for you such as a granny pod or mother-in-law suite on your property. It might be just what you’ve been searching for to create a more peaceful environment for everyone involved. We can create an elegant home near your home that will allow you to visit and check up on your mother-in-law or grandmother. Allowing them their own space can also make them feel like they aren’t crowding you in your home, which can make them more agreeable in moving in a place that’s near you and more affordable.

When we say we will build a small home for your loved one, we don’t just mean a small tiny house. These will provide a living room, bedroom, bathroom, and whatever else you might decide is needed. Each home we build will also be modernized and beautifully crafted by our team of designers.

Flexible Living Spaces in California

If you live in or around San Jose, CA, check Acton ADU out to create an Accessory Dwelling Unit for your family. You can have your family member nearby without overcrowding each other and allow you both to save money on other alternatives. Contact us today to help bring your family closer!

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) – The Ideal Multi-Generational Living Solution

Life hadn’t been easy for the Fernández family for the last few years. Diana had lost her husband and while her kids were little taking care of her children in their small 1,200 sf San Jose home, worked well. Having suffered such a tragic loss, nothing was more important to her than keeping her family close. Yet, Diana realized she needed to give her oldest daughter room to grow.

To give her daughter space to live her own life, Diana explored the idea of adding an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) to their property. A solution like that seemed workable but came with its own set of challenges.

ADU requirements

While ADUs have been popping up all over the Bay Area and the rules and regulations provide favorable conditions to adding an ADU to your home, each property needs to be assessed individually. There’s sometimes specific conditions that influence the regulations for your specific lot, so no one project, even within the same city is alike. In the case of the Fernández family their lot presented with enough square footage, yet a beautiful old redwood tree (protected under California Law) and an existing power pole easement added to the challenge of being able to get a permit to build an ADU. It takes careful planning for any ADU project to get approved. Lucky for the Fernández family our knowledgeable experts were able to identify potential hick-ups right off the bat to allow for a good start to the project.

Once feasibility of the ADU addition was established, the next challenge was to create a design that would provide a space for Diana’s daughter to live independently with her significant other and her labrador, while taking into consideration that Diana might change places with her in the future. Diana wanted an ADU designed for longevity, a space for a couple to share now and for her to maneuver with ease once she was ready to give up the main home to her children’s growing families.

Why adding an ADU worked for the Fernández family.

Through smart design Acton ADU was able to create an ADU for Diana’s daughter that would allow for enough room and privacy within her own small living area. Diana’s daughter Grace now lives close to the rest of the family giving her the independence she needs to live her own life. This new home on their property makes living side-by-side easy for both parties. They are close without compromising on their own personal space.

Economically, the cost of adding an ADU will pay off for the family, as any money Grace would’ve spent to rent will now be paying off the investment into the property she will one day inherit. The versatile well-thought through design of their ADU makes this project an investment for the future, meeting the needs of generations to come.

Are you looking to make your multi-generational living situation work?

Contact Acton ADU today! We are a full service design/build firm, navigating regulations, designing and building custom ADUs, as well as offering flexible financing options for your ADU project.

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