Building an Investment Property with Accessory Dwelling Units

Do you have a family member who needs help getting around? The answer doesn’t have to be sending them to assisted living homes. Instead, you can have Acton ADU build you and your family an Accessory Dwelling Unit for them to live in near you. Learn more about the advantages these ADU’s can have besides giving your family a place to have your older loved one near your family housing.

Take Advantage Of Your Property

Did you know you can take advantage of the property you already own? Acton ADU can build your very own small house, also known as an Accessory Dwelling Unit, for your older loved one. Those who are too old to live by themselves often think living in an assisted living home is the only other option. However, here at Acton ADU, you can have your loved one close to you by having us build a small home for them.

We can construct their very own living area, bedroom, and bathroom that will fit their needs. This means you can take advantage of all the unused property you have by letting us build a new home for your elderly parents or grandparents.

Of course, you can have Acton ADU build a new home four different ways for your loved one. A detached ADU is completely separated from your home, yet still near your house enough to allow you and your family easy access in helping them out as much as possible. You could also have us attach the ADU to your existing home or garage, which will still provide enough privacy for both parties involved.

Lastly, you can have us build an Interior Conversion, which means we will convert an existing area inside your house. All four types can be beneficial to you and everyone who lives with you since there are more room and privacy.

Maximize Your Property Value with Acton ADU

However, not only can you have your loved ones near you in case they need you for emergencies, but having us build an ADU on your property can be beneficial to your property value. Building an ADU can actually maximize the property value by becoming one of your investment properties. This means if you ever decide to relocate for another job offer or move closer to another family member, you can get an even better offer from a buyer since the ADU will raise the price on the total cost of your property.

ADU Regulations by City

If you think this is something you are interested in, don’t get too excited since each city has its own regulations when it comes to ADU’s. The fight for ADU’s in the state of California is ongoing, so cross your fingers that you can have your own home in your backyard for your loved one. No one wants to be separated from their families when they have the room and money to build their very own small, cozy home. If you live in or around Los Altos, California, give us a call today to have a conversation about your ADU needs. We might be the answer you and your family have been looking for all along!

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