Accessory Dwelling Unit Options for Those With Special Needs

Do you have a special needs family member? We all want to provide the best care for our family members even if it means creating a multigenerational family housing. This can cause a lot of unneeded stress on figuring out how your family member will fit into a household that might already be full. Read on to learn more about how accessory dwelling units can be the answer to all your problems.

Safe, Private, Affordable Housing Alternatives

Those who have a special needs family member might end up trying to figure out a way to let them live with you. The other alternative housing might cost too much or aren’t available for certain people. This can cause a rift or stress for those who need to figure out a way to keep their family safe. So, some of you might think of moving them into your own house is the only solution.

Are lack of privacy and the inevitable clutter getting to you? Well, what if there was another alternative to squishing everyone inside your house? You might want to consider using Acton ADU. We can build an affordable, safe, and private home right on your property.

This means we can build your loved one a small and affordable home that has a living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Everything they need will be right on hand and beautifully made that will have the rest of the family envious of the new property!

How ADUs Benefit Those With Special Needs and Their Families

Having us create your own special needs housing will enable your family member to live more independently and comfortably in a house that feels more like their own home. Meanwhile, you will be able to live near each other in case they need some extra help.

Do they need a ramp for their wheelchair? Whatever they need, we can design the ADU to your specifications and create a home that will make you both happier to be living near each other. By having us make your own accessory dwelling unit on your property, you can create a unique space that can be made for your loved one’s needs in mind as well as become an investment property. Both are beneficial to you and your family since it can be more affordable than other housing alternatives for their needs.

If you live in or around San Jose, CA, contact us to see if we can help you build a place where you and your family member gets the privacy and comfort needed to stay happy. Hire us today to create a small home for your special needs family member!

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