7 Reasons to Build a Granny Flat for an Elderly Loved One

Have you been considering making an addition to your home? What about some form of an accessory dwelling unit, like a granny flat?

Granny flats are a great addition to any home that needs a little more space. They help you, they help your family, and they help your elderly loved ones.

Not ready to make the jump? Are you still unsure about whether or not a granny flat is the right choice for your home? We want to help you make that decision.

Keep reading to learn a few of the top reasons that you should build a granny flat on your property.

1. A Reduced Need for Costly Elderly Care

As our loved ones get older, they may begin to need extra care and assistance. Aging often results in a loss of strength and mobility and an overall decline in health.

This prompts many elderly people to choose to move into nursing homes or residential care.

While this may still become a necessity in the event of illness or the need for memory care, having your elderly loved one(s) on your property means that they may not need that kind of care for longer (if at all).

You and your family can provide some forms of assistance to your loved one, and you can invest in professional home care for things that you’re unable to do. You can monitor this home care to make sure that it’s suiting your loved one.

The cost of nursing homes can be exorbitant, sometimes ranging from $5,000 to $14,000 per month, so reducing those costs can really help you and your family out.

2. No More Holiday Travel

Do you live far away from your elderly loved ones? Traveling can be hard, no matter who’s making the trip. Flights and long car rides are often challenging for elderly people, and if you have children they can be challenging for you as well.

Making the trip may not seem worthwhile, leaving you and your family member separated on holidays.

This won’t be the case if you have a granny flat. Your elderly loved ones never have to miss another Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, or Mothers Day again.

3. Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

One of the benefits of nursing home care is safety. Our elderly loved ones are at greater risk of falls and unexpected health events than the rest of us, so this safety is important.

If your elderly loved one doesn’t live nearby it’s easy to get anxious about their wellbeing.

You can ensure their safety at home. Having a granny flat allows you to check in on your loved one as often as you’d like (within reason). This will help to quell your anxieties and allow you to catch any emergencies as soon as possible.

4. Children Can Always See Their Grandparents

Did you know that raising children around their grandparents has real scientific benefits?

Children benefit from the strong support system that comes from having a larger family unit. They also develop stronger senses of self and identity through intergenerational knowledge.

This living arrangement doesn’t just benefit the kids, though. Grandparents who live close to their grandchildren may live longer. They’re given a renewed sense of purpose (something that some elderly people struggle with) and they tend to lead more active lifestyles.

Bonus: with a granny flat you’ve got a built-in babysitter. Just try not to take advantage of it. Remember, this is their home too!

5. Keep a Comfortable Environment

While there are benefits to residential care homes, they won’t necessarily be comfortable.

Some of them are sterile and appear more like medical centers or blank apartments than homes. Even the nicer ones may have all of the luxuries of home but won’t have that “special touch” that a real home provides.

There’s something special about being near family that gives us comfort.

With a granny flat, you’re providing a real home to your elderly loved ones that they can decorate and use as they please. They’re not under the constant watchful eye of attendants.

Even if your loved one hasn’t opted for a nursing home, they may not be comfortable living alone. Loneliness in elderly people is a real problem, so they will feel more comfortable when surrounded by family.

6. Cater to Specific Needs

Does your elderly loved one have specific needs based on their limitations?

If your elderly loved one is limited by their hearing, eyesight, mobility, or anything else, you can get your auxiliary living space created just for them.

Those in wheelchairs can have ramps installed in their entrances and larger, more accessible, living spaces.

People who are hard of hearing may benefit from special flashing doorbells, and those with vision issues may benefit from more sensory objects and railings to help them get around the house.

You can include all of these things when you have your granny flat custom-built.

7. Just Enough Independence

Not all elderly people are comfortable with the idea of giving up their independence. Even if they need more help than they’d like to admit, the idea of living in a nursing home, or even in your home, can make them feel old.

A granny flat can help with that.

They get their own living space without taking up yours. They can cook their own meals, have friends over, and follow their own routines without enmeshing themselves with the rest of the family’s day-to-day life.

Your loved ones get the benefit of independence and the security of having loved ones nearby. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Build a Granny Flat Today

A granny flat makes a great addition to any home. Your elderly loved one will appreciate your efforts to improve their life, and you’ll have the peace of mind and comfort from having them nearby.

If you’re interested in adding a granny flat to your home, we want to help. We want to build you and your loved one the accessory dwelling unit of your dreams.

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