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A MIL Suite Keeps Families Together

A MIL suite is an increasingly popular way to keep family members close while providing them with the privacy and autonomy of their own homes. With a MIL suite, you can retain ownership of the land and build a secondary dwelling on the property for your family – grandparents, adult children looking for more independence, or other relatives in need of a place to stay. The possibilities are endless. Whether you’re looking to have a place to stay for visiting friends and family, or accommodate elderly parents so they’re near enough to help out but far enough away that they have some independence. There are several reasons why considering building a MIL suite might be worth exploring. Keep reading below to learn more about what exactly constitutes a MIL suite and whether investing in building one might be a viable option for you.

Unlocking the Benefits of a MIL Suite in Cities

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or MIL suites are small dwellings often located on a single-family residential lot that can provide additional housing options in cities. MIL suites offer much-needed solutions to areas that are facing problems such as a lack of housing, rising home prices, and growing populations. Let’s take a closer look at what makes ADUs so beneficial for cities.

Increasing Housing Supply and Affordability 

ADUs can help alleviate the strain on cities’ housing supply by providing an additional source of affordable housing. By allowing homeowners to build an additional unit on their property, ADUs can help increase the number of available units without impacting existing neighborhoods or infrastructure. This provides more people with access to quality, affordable housing — a major benefit for many areas that are experiencing rising rent and home prices. 

Improving Accessibility 

For seniors who want to remain in their communities but may no longer be able to live in larger homes due to reduced mobility, a MIL suite can provide an ideal solution. Homeowners can build one from scratch, allowing them to stay close to friends and family while still having the independence they need. Additionally, these smaller-scale dwellings tend to be easier for aging homeowners and people with disabilities to navigate than larger homes or apartments. 

Creating Economic Development Opportunities 

By allowing homeowners to build accessible units for friends and family, MIL suites can create economic development opportunities for both individuals and cities alike. In addition, MIL suites can often be built using more affordable materials than traditional homes, which helps keep costs down while still providing quality living spaces.

MIL suites provide homeowners with many opportunities to keep your loved ones nearby and safe. They also allow seniors who may no longer be able to live in large homes due to reduced mobility the opportunity for independent living. Plus, they create economic development opportunities for both individuals and cities alike since they require fewer resources than traditional homes yet still give access to quality living spaces at a lower cost compared with traditional houses or apartments. With all these benefits combined, it is easy to see why MIL suites are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas across the country.

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Considerations for Your MIL Suite

A MIL suite is a great way to provide family members with a place of their own while giving them the comfort and convenience of being close to the family. Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing one, there are certain considerations that you should take into account when building a MIL suite. Below we will discuss some of these important considerations in detail.

Privacy and Accessibility

The first thing to consider when building or remodeling a MIL suite is privacy. This is especially true if the suite is located outside the main house. You want to make sure that your family member has enough privacy so that they don’t feel like they’re intruding on anyone else’s space. You also want to make sure that the MIL suite is accessible for those with disabilities or physical limitations. This could include adding ramps or widening doorways for wheelchair access.

Layout and Design

When designing the layout and design of your MIL suite, it’s important to think about how it will function long-term as well as day to day. The layout should be designed so that it feels like an extension of your home rather than an entirely separate entity. Even though it is. Adding and having common areas such as a kitchen, living room, or dining area where both you and your family members can hang out and use together is something that is usually standard when it comes to MIL suites. When it comes to decorating the space, keep in mind that it should feel like home for your loved one. It might even be best to take them out and shop for decorations together.


Another important consideration when building or remodeling a MIL suite is amenities. Think about what amenities would be important for your family member to have in order to live comfortably and independently in their own space. This could include things such as accessibility features, additional storage space, laundry facilities, internet access, and more, depending on their individual needs and preferences. You may also want to consider adding extra features such as outdoor living spaces or extra bedrooms for visiting grandchildren or other guests who may come over from time to time.

Building or remodeling a MIL suite can be an exciting experience, but there are many factors to consider before proceeding with any construction project. Privacy and accessibility are essential components for anyone looking into creating this type of living arrangement for their family members. Especially if the space is going to be used for elderly family members. This means making sure that there are any special needs required by those who will inhabit it long term. Additionally, designing a layout that functions well day by day while still providing plenty of common areas where everyone can spend quality time together is key. 

Building Regulations for MIL Suites 

Moving in with family or friends can be a great way to save money and build stronger relationships. But, if you’re considering building a MIL suite, there are several regulations and codes you need to be aware of. MIL suites are subject to zoning requirements and permit requirements. The process can be simplified with pre-approved MIL suites. We will explore what you need to know about building regulations for MIL suites and we’ll go into more detail about getting a pre-approved MIL suite or adu plan.

Zoning Requirements and Codes 

The first thing you should do when planning for a MIL suite is checking your local zoning codes. Every city has unique regulations that dictate where you are allowed to build a home addition or separate structure — and what kind of construction is allowed. Depending on your area, zoning codes may also specify how large the space can be, as well as what type of materials must be used in the construction process. It’s important to understand these laws before breaking ground on any project. If you go with a professional builder, they will know the rules and can help streamline the building process. 

Permit Requirements for Building a MIL Suite 

Once you have figured out which zoning codes apply to your project, it’s time to look into permit requirements. Depending on the size of your MIL suite and the complexity of the project, you may need permits.. Make sure that all permits are obtained prior to beginning construction so that you don’t run into any problems down the line. Additionally, always work with an experienced contractor who knows how to properly apply for permits in your area.

Pre Approved Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) 

In some states, such as California, pre-approved ADUs make it much easier for homeowners looking to construct a MIL suite on their property. A pre-approved ADU or MIL suite is designed by an architect or engineer specifically for use as an accessory unit built outside of an existing single-family residence — and it meets all applicable state building standards without requiring additional modifications or inspections by local authorities. While pre-approved MIL suites may cost more upfront than other methods of constructing an accessory unit, they can ultimately save homeowners both time and money in the long run because they eliminate most of the red tape associated with obtaining a permit and building a custom MIL suite.

Building a MIL suite can be a great way to expand living space while making a great investment into your property — but it isn’t always easy. When planning for your new addition there are several important regulations and codes that must be taken into consideration — including zoning requirements and permit requirements. But if you live in Cupertino or San Jose, you can apply for a pre-approved MIL suite from Acton ADU. By researching these topics thoroughly beforehand, homeowners will be able to better understand what is required of them prior to breaking ground on their projects — and help ensure that everything goes smoothly during the construction process.

An MIL Suite Is Perfect for Your Elderly Parent

Caring for an elderly parent can be a challenging and rewarding experience. When it comes to providing your parents with the best possible care, there are many options available. One option that is gaining in popularity is having your elderly parents live in a MIL suite. MIL suites provide privacy and independence while still allowing family members to be close by. Here’s what you need to know about MIL suites and why they may be the perfect solution for your elderly parents.

Safety and Security

One of the biggest benefits of having an elderly parent live in a MIL suite is that it offers them safety and security. With no stairs or high-maintenance landscaping, seniors don’t have to worry about falling or slipping on icy surfaces. Additionally, most MIL suites have locks on the doors for extra security, giving seniors peace of mind knowing that their home is safe from intruders.


Another great benefit of having an elderly parent live in a MIL suite is that it allows them to maintain their independence while still receiving the care they need. Seniors can come and go as they please without feeling like they are imposing on their children’s lives. This helps seniors stay active while still keeping them close by because family members can check in on them regularly.

Cost Effective

Adding a MIL suite onto a home is often much more cost-effective than moving your elderly parent into assisted living or nursing homes — not to mention it provides more personalized care than these facilities typically offer, and is a strong long-term investment for the property. Instead of entrusting strangers to care for your loved one, you can care for them from the comfort of your home.

MIL suites offer many benefits for families caring for their elderly parents — from safety and security to independence and cost-effectiveness. Whether you are looking for a permanent solution or just a temporary one until other arrangements can be made, adding a MIL suite to your home may be just what you need to make sure your elderly loved one gets all the care he or she deserves.

Acton ADU Can Build Your MIL Suite

Acton ADU is the perfect choice for anyone looking to build a MIL suite on their property. We are experienced in navigating local regulations and codes, as well as obtaining all necessary permits quickly and efficiently. Our team of designers and specialists has also designed pre-approved MIL suites in Cupertino and San Jose that meet all applicable building standards without requiring additional modifications or inspections by local authorities. With our help, you can save time and money during the construction process while still creating a beautiful living space that meets your needs. Contact Acton ADU today to learn more about how we can help you create your dream MIL suite.

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